How to do SEO For Google HummingBird in 2014
SEO / 14-January-2014 / minute read

How to do SEO For Google HummingBird in 2014

Google gave us a latest algorithm named Google Hummingbird which will now provide more accurate search results and satisfy the query of the visitors.


Welcome Friends. Here I am coming with some points which will definitely help you while doing SEO of your website. Its a burning question for every Web marketer or for SEO experts, that, is SEO totally change with the Change in Whole/Core algorithm? Then my answer is NO. SEO is not changing, the only algorithm is changed. Now How to do, Lets Start.


What is a “Search Algorithm - Hummingbird?”

We all are aware of the term search. Search is a process in which you want to know anything like “How to create a design in Photoshop”, “Who is the best web design agency?”, “How to make a Butter Chicken”. We will get our result in a thousand pages. And all this search is based on Hummingbird.

Hummingbird is the latest algorithm of Google or in an easy language, we can say it is a method which is used for better results recommended by Google. And we have to follow this Algorithm.


Why its name Hummingbird?

Google told us the name comes from being “precise and fast.”

Quality of Content

Before launch, any website makes sure that the content of your website is unique, fresh as well as useful. I know everybody knows this because we all heard that content is king. But many SEO experts did not bother about content much or sometimes they become lenient in case of content. And this is the biggest mistake because as per Google HummingBird algorithm meaningful/useful content is a must. Let me explain to you how. Suppose you want to design a website on a Design agency then you must select your keywords 1st after that written content as per your keyword. Take this concept by heart One Page One Keyword. With this concept, every page with one keyword will give meaningful content. Roughly, if you take 10 keywords then you must have 10 pages with each keyword which clears its meaning.


Title must be short and accurate. In the title, always try to put your keyword at the beginning of the title. The title plays an important role in describing the page. And it should be like that it will clear the meaning of the page. Because the title is always on the top in each snippet of the Google result. Your title should be attractive so that visitors must open your page. Remember one thing also that it should not exceed the limit. Generally, it takes 70 words.


Description as it name tells which describes something. So write a short description of your page in the prescribed limit so that your description will not exceed the limit and also explains what page is about. Put your targeted keyword in a meaningful way in the description.


As above I said you must target your keywords first because whole SEO is a game of keywords. Make your keyword search deeper using Google Adwords keyword tool. Using this tool you must be login to your Gmail account. Many more tools are available in the web world. I recommend you Google AdWords keyword tool and the last choice is yours.

Alt Attribute Images

Images are very important for any website to pull visitors. But Search engines are totally Blind to images. If something is written on the Image like “Beautiful painting ” is not read by the search engines. But if you will provide the same information using the “alt” attribute then search engines will read.

Internal Linking

Make your page so easily navigate that it will help the visitors to access the web page. With the help of internal linking, you will not only help the visitors by providing more information but it also helps in SEO. When visitors use internal linking they will consume more time. And in this way, it will improve your ranking.

Speed Test

Another very important step for SEO. The loading time of your website matters most. In this fast world, people always want quick data while searching for anything. If your website takes more time while opening then it will definitely affect your SEO. Various online free tools are available, you can use one of those tools, check the speed of your site and make your website SEO friendly. Pingdom and Google PageSpeed you can also try these tools.


Make your website mobile optimized which is based on Responsive design. In the coming years, people will totally depend on their mobiles for instant search. Make your website responsive so that it will become mobile-friendly.

Open Graph

Use of Open Graph Tags is prioritized to gain entry into Google’s Knowledge Graph. The Google Knowledge Graph is a system that Google launched in May 2012 that understands facts about people, places and things and how these pieces are all connected. The goal behind it was to provide users with smarter, more relational search results.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing is the most essential part of SEO. For this purpose you can use popular social networking websites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr. When you will get popularity on these websites then it will improve your SEO.

Business Websites

Make your website submissions on popular business websites like Foursquare, Yellow Pages and many more other websites are available on the internet.
In last i want to say one thing that all the above mention steps will definitely prove helpful to you only if you will help visitors/people by providing them useful/meaningful content. You don’t need to worry about the ranking because if you will satisfy the visitor's query then automatically you will be on the top of the Google.

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