Must Follow 17 Best Web Design Blogs In 2019
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Must Follow 17 Best Web Design Blogs In 2019

In past few days I have read 40+ blogs related to Web Design, Graphic Design, UI/ UX and in this post i tried to feature best web design blogs in 2019.


I am Prince Pal, Working as Creative Director at Think360 and Personally A UI/UX Designer.

As a designer, I am following many design blogs and read articles on a daily basis. In the past, I’ve had as many as 40+ blogs related to Web Design, Graphic Design, UX, UI, and the general web. I tried to feature best web design blogs in the world so that you guys can get benefits out of it.

The below list a research of few months and i hope you will enjoy this feature!

Note: the below list is not listed on the behalf of ranking or any other algorithm, i ranked them on the behalf of my personal choice and creative writing.

Must-Follow 17 Best Web Design Blogs In 2019

1. WPKube

WPKube is a frequently updated blog for anyone interested in WordPress. Here you’ll find the latest news, informative tutorials, and in-depth reviews on WordPress themes, plugins and web hosting services. The blog is filled with helpful hints on how to start a blog with WordPress, how to find a perfect hosting, how to secure a WordPress site, and so on. WPKube also features exclusive deals and coupons for WordPress bloggers, designers and developers.

2. Hongkiat


Hongkiat launched in 2007 as an artful diversion for founder Honkiat Lim. Topics/categories have included: Photoshop, Icons, Design, WordPress, Tools, Inspiration, Graphics, etc..

3. Web Designer Depot


Web Designer Depot was founded in 2010 by Canadian-based web designer Walter Apai. They cover web design, design inspiration, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, Web Dev, Design Tutorials, news, etc.

4. Designerfix


Designerfix is a blog dedicated to graphic and web design. Their primary topics are inspiration, tutorials, freebies, and resources.

5. Creative Overflow


Creative Overflow is an online design magazine for anything creative. It was founded in 2009 by Jacques van Heerden and has been going strong ever since. It’s just one purpose is inspiring artists to better themselves through inspiration and creative resources.

6. Webflow


Webflow is a web tool launched on 5 August 2013. This is a very useful blog you will get tips, insights, and best practices on responsive web design, the design process, content management, and the freelance web designer life.

7. The Next Web


The Next Web is a massive blog that covers much more than design. However, they do have a Design & Dev channel that easily covers a higher volume than most of the other standalone web design blogs on this list.

8. Speckyboy Design


Speckyboy Design Magazine began in 2007 as the personal freelance web design homepage for Paul Andrew, its founder, and current Chief Editor. The blog covers Design & Dev, UX, Graphic Design, Mobile Design, Freelancing, WordPress, and more.

9. Smashing Magazine

Speckyboy Design is one of the largest and most influential resources and destinations for web designers on the web. It was founded in 2006 by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz and has since become a must-follow blog for almost all online creatives. It covers coding, design, mobile, graphics, UX design, and WordPress. There is also have free books, ebooks, and workshops.

10. Six Revisions


Six Revisions is a repository of “useful information for web designers and developers” founded in February 2008 by Jacob Gube. Since 2008 Six Revisions has become a popular and long-lived blog/resource for tens of thousands of people the world over. They focus on covering web design/dev tips and tutorials.

11. Noupe


Noupe is a German-based web design and development magazine headed up by Michael Dobler (CEO) and Dieter Petereit (Editor-in-Chief). Their goal it is to deliver stylish, dynamic content about all things design. Their publication covers CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, Web Design, Graphics, Typography, Advertising, and more.

12. FastCo Design


FastCo Design is part of the Fast Company family of blogs. They cover design related news, trends, interviews, and editorials. Their goal is to use design as a window into the culture at large, with an accent on business and business perspectives.

13. Design Envy


Design Envy is a daily blog sponsored by AIGA and Adobe in which they invite designers from different disciplines to curate their content for each week. They cover a wide range of design, of which web design is but one part. The cross-disciplinary approach is great for sparking new ideas and inspiration.

14. Awwwards


Aside from being a beautiful showcase for a great design already, the Awwwards website also contains a solid blog about Design, Illustration, Media, News, Resources & Tools, and more.

15. Abduzeedo

Web-design-blogs-2018 (1)

Abduzeedo is a blog that began in 2006 by founder Fabio Sasso. Initially it was just a backup for his personal design work but eventually grew into a world-wide source of inspiration, tutorials, and resources for designers everywhere.

16. The UX Booth


The UX Booth is a collective of authors/designers dedicated to creating “a publication by and for the user experience community”. They create content for beginner=to-intermediate user experience and interactive designers. Together with their community, they hope to make the web a better place.

17. Paperell


If you’re a designer, Paperell's blog is a great way to gain inspiration and read interesting texts. It can give you writing ideas, editing sources, and show you how to create a good headline to attract visitors to your website. While the design is important, content is equally as valuable. Together, they create a quality experience – Paperell can help you be creative.

In Conclusion

Thanks for taking a peak at this list of web design blogs! If you have any recommendations of your own, please take a second to share it in the comments below.

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