Optimizing Your Logo For Better Recognition On Social Media
UX Design / 30-January-2018 / minute read

Optimizing Your Logo For Better Recognition On Social Media

Learn how to optimize the design of your logo for social media platforms the easiest way. design of your logo will determine if it will really pop out and grab the viewer's’ attention.


Using social media platforms nowadays has basically become a must, especially if you are running a business and you want to get noticed in the crowded market. Being present on social media contributes to the visibility of your business and helps you be more engaged with your target audience.

Since the majority of people are aware of these facts, you probably already have profiles on Twitter, Facebook or some other social media pages as well, however, not many people put enough focus on the details – one of the most important ones being your logo.

The design of your logo will determine if it will really pop out and grab the viewer's’ attention. Brand recognition is a crucial component in establishing a strong and long-lasting brand, and you can achieve that with a suitable and well-designed logo.

With that in mind, we will provide you with some more insight into optimizing your logo design for social media in order to establish a powerful brand.

1. Keeping It Simple

Every social media page requires a different logo size. This is an important thing to consider because different dimensions can completely mess up your logo, especially if it is a detailed and complex one.


If the size changes drastically, people may not be able to clearly see some finer details or words and that can make your logo unrecognizable. That is why you should absolutely make sure to adapt your logo and avoid any unnecessary details. Keeping it nice and simple is always the best option.

2. Height and Width


Sometimes people overlook the importance of balancing the height and width of the logo with the goal of achieving uniqueness and creativity. That is, in fact, a rather bad idea because you should always opt for consistency. This is why you have to be certain that the logo fits well.

3. Do Not Experiment With The Images

When people see your logo, it should serve as a direct association to your brand or business. They will immediately make the connection between the image and your company. Because of this, it is essential to always use the same image.


If you have decided on one style, sure, you can change it and adapt it over time, but don’t experiment too much. Stick to your original idea. For instance, Google and Apple have changed their logo over the years, but they managed to stay consistent by keeping all of the recognizable elements the same.

4. Be Concise

You should know that a logo is just a representation of your business, and you shouldn’t incorporate all of your company related details in it. For example, explaining what the point of your company is and presenting your area of expertise is not what a logo is intended for.


Over-cluttering your logo would seem unprofessional and it would make it unrecognizable especially in a thumbnail.

5. Use The Right Tools

Before you optimize your logo for social media, you have to possess certain knowledge about pixel sizes and dimensions, since they vary from website to website. Luckily, there are some great tools to make your life easier to help you make sure the image of your logo is social media friendly – Custom Image SRC, Social Media Image Cheatsheet, Facebook Image Cheatsheet – just to name a few.


To sum up, eye-catching design of your business logo is equally important as its optimization for social media pages. If your logo is consistent and recognizable at all times, chances are that it will be instilled in people’s minds for a long time!

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