Top 10 Free WooCommerce Plugins For WordPress That You Need To Have
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Top 10 Free WooCommerce Plugins For WordPress That You Need To Have

WooCommerce is the most famous eCommerce solution for WordPress. With more than sixteen million installs, it is counted among the top-most plugins. These woooCommerce plugins can help you a lot but you can’t do everything.


WooCommerce is the most famous eCommerce solution for WordPress. With more than sixteen million installs, it is counted among the top-most plugins. This eCommerce plug-in can help you a lot but you can’t do everything: To get the best from WooCommerce, you should improve the use of this core plugin with extensions and add-ons.

The positive point of using WooCommerce is that it is integrated with several functionalities as it has multiple extensions. There may be some extensions for which you have to pay a certain amount of fee, but you shouldn’t worry as there are several free plugins available which can add desired features to your eCommerce store. Here, we will discuss the collection of free WooCommerce plugins that can provide you a positive output:

YIITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier


For many products, an on-page doesn’t have a major role in the conversion rate like product images. Every user wants to have a proper view of the product, so that they can inspect everything closely. They just want to ensure that your product is comparatively better in comparison to your business rivals.

You can’t achieve the expected outcomes from your online store if you have a tiny and barely recognizable photo. For displaying the bigger picture of your product, you should definitely use the YIITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier plugin. Doing so can enhance your brand value in the market.

When the user will visit your online store to get a view of the product, they would be able to see the large image of the item they want to look. It can be even possible for you to configure the dimensions of this image and the zoom levels for optimal viewing. Applying the right set of actions can build trust among the visitors and you would be able to get an instant growth rate in conversion rate.



It a type of conversion optimization software introduced in the market. This can help you in the transformation of website visitors into real-time customers. By using this WooCommerce plugin, the cart abandon rate can be minimized.

OptinMonster helps you enhance the sales conversion rate and can increase the email list. After using it, you can see the targeted website messages and onsite retargeting is possible by using it. In case, you are willing to increase your email list and boosting sales, this conversion optimization tool will definitely help you out.



MailChimp provides you the convenient way to create a database of your existing customers. This specific plugin does it by collecting email addresses in an email list. It is probably the best option to do this kind of job.

MailChimp plugin helps in the automatic subscription of your users to a mailing list. In case you want, it gives your user an option to subscribe on the checkout screen by tapping over the checkbox. You shouldn’t forget that the users are everything for you so, you should treat them in a well-mannered way and they will always come to you.

CSV Importer

6 WooCommerce Import Export

It is not an easy task to run an eCommerce business on your own. Things get messed up and make you feel demoralized as you don’t get enough time to maintain your website position on the top.

There are situations when the suppliers make changes in the wholesale prices, this type of situations is faced by online store owners once in a while. For handling such type of situations, you update your own prices to protect margins but this can waste a lot of time.
To put your effort in the right direction, you should use a powerful free WooCommerce CSV Importer plugin. You just have to upload a formatted CSV file and it will be possible for you to update more than ten thousand products at a time.

When you upload CSV spreadsheet, you should make sure that every column will show. All the activities can be managed by using one file. This includes the product name, images, tax status, shipping, stock levels, and pricing.

Currency Switcher


The first thing you should ensure that whether your website should have currency conversion capability. A customer always prefers to buy products by using their own currency. Surprisingly, most of the online stores do not integrate the currency conversion plugins. To have a currency converter feature in your website, you can use WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin as a suitable choice. By the help of this plug-in, you can convert two currencies at a time.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher has the quality to ship with three dedicated widgets, One is for switching the currency site-wide and the next will act as a conversion rate calculator tool. And, the last one will show the latest exchange rates. It is a type of plugin which also uses Geolocation to show the visitor’s local currency depending on their IP address.

Gift Cards


Gift cards plugin for WooCommerce helps you add gift cards to your eCommerce store. It will be easy for the customers to purchase gift cards of different price value so they can share it with their family members and friends who can easily apply for the gift card when they feel like doing shopping.
As an online business owner, you can set up gift cards of specific price rates and use them as a virtual product. When the customer will apply for the gift card on the purchase, an equivalent amount can be subtracted from their bill.

Check Out Field Editor


Are you willing to add custom fields to the checkout page of WooCommerce? A plugin like WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor permits you to easily add, customize, and rearrange fields of your online store. You can easily customize the whole checkout experience for your customers and use the data to enhance your business position.

Menu Bar Cart


In your WooCommerce theme, a cart button will always appear at the top. In case, your theme doesn’t show the button of the cart, you can take help of WooCommerce Menu Cart to resolve the issue.
By the help of this particular plugin, you will not find difficulty in adding the cart button into the navigation menu of WordPress. This can be compatible with any WordPress theme and show the cart icon, items and price by using the navigation menu.



The multilingual plugin helps you convert your product and other WooCommerce pages into other languages. This helps your customers feel comfortable while navigating your site. Your customers can view the product information in the language they desired for.

It helps you show product information in the language your customers are comfortable in. By using a plugin like multilingual, you can make a huge difference and the sales rate will increase.



When you use WooCommerce Waitlist, it helps the users know about the items they want to buy. This helps you get the email address of interested customers.

Waitlist helps you create interest in a new product by having customers join the waitlist to be informed when the product will be finally available. To proceed further, a waitlist can be used to create exclusivity. Also, you can give an opportunity to the customers to sign up for the waitlist for a certain time frame. In lieu of that, they can buy the product before it will be introduced. You can use waitlists in different ways to boost interest in your products and keep the users engaged.


It doesn’t matter what kind of store you want to run online, there are multiple WooCommerce plugins which you easily install on your website. It is true that everything will work for everyone, but you apply the plugins as a demo to see whether it can work for your store or not. As many of the plugins are free, installing some of them can help you gain sales.

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