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Think 360 design studio is a purely agile company with a great focus on User Experience. We Design, Develop, build, and deliver Digital Solutions.

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What Exactly Do We Do?

Stakeholder Workshops

We conduct stakeholder workshops at the beginning of the project’s planning & strategy to understand the business and the context of the project, identify each stakeholder's positioning and understand the problem to be solved. We uncover potential organizational obstacles that may impact project success.


Brand Strategy

With years of experience in many different industries from e-commerce to nonprofits, we understand how different types of consumers think. We use classic brand strategy for consumer research, user segmentation, competitive analysis, and cultural audits to make the brand's positioning framework.


Project Planning

Project planning is central to our process. We do lots of project planning with the design and development team and get ideas from the people who will be affected by the project and work out how it all meets together.


Technical Architecture

Just investing in the right technology is not enough. Technology must be taken into account before determining the appropriate technology infrastructure. We help our customers adopt the right technology to scale their businesses and enable next-generation services and experiences.


Product Management

Agile methodologies have been used successfully by Think360 over the years. Agile methodologies are used to improve the speed of development while maintaining the flexibility of change. Product Management and the Scrum Master work together to ensure that the correct features are selected.


Risk Assessment

Product management is risk-based product management. For risk control and mitigation, we identify where and at what level the risk will arise and implement the plan drawing on the experience and knowledge of the entire team to minimize the impact on the project.


Gap Analysis

Gap analysis is a method of assessing differences in performance between a business's information systems or software applications, to determine whether business requirements are being met and, if not, what steps to take to successfully meet them.


UI/UX Audit

User Experience Design (UX) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the Usability, Accessibility, and efficiency of a user's interaction with the website. In a UX Audit, we study user interactions, potential usability problems, discoverable issues, inefficiencies, and barriers that prevent users from accomplishing their objectives.


Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis is a strategy where we identify key competitors and research their products, sales, and marketing strategies. By doing so, we create solid business strategies that improve upon our competitors. Competitive analysis helps you know how your competition is performing.


Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the profound transformation of business activities, processes, and models to fully utilize the changes and opportunities of the mix of digital technologies and their accelerated impact on society. We help our clients transform their business goals with great software and re-imagine the future of doing business.

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We deal with everyone from the world's largest corporations to one-person start-ups with a great idea. We work closely with our clients to meet their requirements.