Gig Tricks

GigTricks needed to redesign the original product that was designed in 2016. It was very important to improve the overall user experience of the product & Think360 studio team took the challenge & gave 100% to produce great result in terms of user experience and design.

Project Brief

GigTricks is a middle east based online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at the cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used by freelancers who use GigTricks to offer services to middle east customers. The original product designed in 2016 was needing a redesign in 2017 due to the increased content library of GigTricks, which was impacting the performance and stability of the application.

Live Website

Project Goals

  • Improve Stability and experience on mobile devices
  • Improve brand loyalty and trust
  • Increase sign up conversion rates
  • Identifying the pain points of the current signup
  • Improve On-Boarding Experience
  • Improve sing up process


  • User research analysis & user interviews
  • Usage data, community reviews, and customer feedback analysis
  • Identifying the user needs and persona development
  • Creating user scenarios and tasks analysis
  • Identify the main features for MVP
  • Validate designs with “Usability Testing.”
  • Mobile-Centric Front End Development
  • User-Centric Mobile App UI Designing

User Research

We started with the analysis of 12 in-depth interviews provided by the Think360 Usability Testing Team. The interviews covered freelancers and Entrepreneurs in the Middle East. We extracted user goals & pain points by creating an affinity diagram to identify user needs and product features. The improvement of these cores was vital to improve the overall user experience of the product.


Currently, 90% of the users use a system called “Freelance Marketplace,” which is causing a lot of trouble among freelancers and Entrepreneur, when they try to accomplish simple tasks like the following ones:


  • To be able to sign up quickly
  • Ability to choose between different Gigs prices
  • To be able to signup with Facebook or google
  • Payments between freelancers and Entrepreneurs should be simple and trustworthy.
  • Assure upcoming updates work properly
  • Review device management

Pain Points

  • Facilitate finding Gigs quickly via the “Search” tool and intuitive content categories
  • Packages are unclear
  • Enable users to discover new Gigs
  • Facilitate continue watching in GigTricks Freelancer via “Keep Watching” and “Watchlist.”
  • Improve lean back experience by enhancing the “Purchasing” experience
  • Enhance user interaction by making the navigation consistent (vertical scroll to find more content + Horizontal carousels etc.)
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User Personas

Thanks to our findings from the research analysis, we were able to identify 3 main kinds of users who will be benefited from using this App.

Always Hussaini

Freelance Designer

Male, 22 Yrs

Needs & Pain points

  • I love the portability and flexibility of working anywhere, anytime.
  • I need a platform in the Middle East that allows anyone to turn my skills, talents, and resources into income in a matter of minutes.
  • I love to discuss the Gigs with my friends
  • I want people to respect my work
  • I enjoy being the “Design Expert” among my friends
  • I love to watch and talk about the GIGs with my friends and clients
  • I want a trustworthy marketplace

Aamir Sohail

CEO, Startup Company

Male, 38 Yrs

Needs & Pain Points

  • I love the fact that I can work from anywhere and still stay connected with my creative team.
  • Enjoy being able to access my GigTricks content when we are traveling or on holidays.
  • Concerned about money, yet Design quality should be topnotch.
  • Keep on eye on the top-class designer in the middle east.
  • Track the progress purchased Gig.
  • I fear to waste my time on amateur designers.
  • I can’t decide which designer is good or bad without seeing their creative work.

Usability Testing

A set of wireframes for desktop and mobile were created in order to perform usability testing and validate the ease of use and resolution of the issues with the new designs. These wireframes were tested with five users who gave us valuable feedback and helped us to identify the potential problems in the interface and navigation.


Website Wireframing

Once identified the technical and business requirements, the CX team jumped straight away into wireframing due to the tight delivery deadline!

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Website UI Designs

The UI Design challenge was to bring the experience closer to the GigTrick's new face as well as simplifying current features and integrating the new ones seamlessly.

Live Website
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Mobile App UI Design

The UI Design challenge was to translate the IA originally designed for Phone. Also simplifying current features and integrating seamlessly using free patterns.

Mobile App UI Design

The not only website, but gigTricks also want to feature on the mobile platform. We provided the same service with another different experience. We believe smart users are deciding their favorite platform.


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