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Think360 studio builds an advance technology smart mobile app, you can control everything in your home with this smart home app. We provide UI UX and Native Mobile app development to our client in affordable prices.

Control everything in your home with this Smart Home App. Whether you want to switch off the lights from the comfort of your bed, or check on your home while you’re away on vacation, the App offers convenient, reliable home control that’s simple to use.

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The Miniserver acts as an intelligent, central brain and brings the entire infrastructure of a home together. Similar to the human nervous system, it relays information between every aspect of the home: lighting, climate, shades, cameras, entry door locks, water sensing and electricity. Should your lifestyle change or you decide to expand your Smart Home system, your Miniserver grows with you, continually adapting to your needs and lifestyle. You can operate your home as usual via a keypad on the wall or through the App for mobile devices.

Technology Sustainable Solutions

With the advanced ecocoach control you have the possibility to integrate various residential, household, electrical and energy devices from different manufacturers. With the ecocoach control you have a central access to access to sun blinds, oven, music system and much more. At your request, you can customize your home via the ecocoach app to the outside circumstances, even in the absence of residents. For example, the shutters automatically shut down in rain or strong sunshine to prevent splashing of the windows or overheating of the apartment.

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