10 Great Android App Development Tools In 2018
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10 Great Android App Development Tools In 2018

Tools are the basic need of every android app developer; if you are on this page, it means you are also looking for great developer tools.


Tools are the basic need of every android app developer; if you are on this page, it means you are also looking for great developer tools. Well, in this post, I listed down 10 excellent android app developer tools that can do wonders for your work.

1. Vysor


Vysor, the most popular android app development tool that helps you put the Android phone screen right on your pc. Vysor software gives an ease for all Android developers, which helps them integrate the Android mobile with the desktop. It’s very easy to install the Vysor by using ADB. Once the tool is installed, you just need to visit Google Chrome Web Store and download an app for the integration. In addition, for troublesome integration, you need to open the USB debugging option from the developer options and click on build number.

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2. Stetho


Stetho Stetho is another one of the best Android app developer of 2018 which is developed by the Facebook team. It acts as a debug bridge for android apps. It checks whether the data is saved on the SQLite database or not, checks which data is stored in shared preferences, and also verifies all the HTTP request that is being operated. Stetho basically sends debugging information from USB to the browser with the help of HTTP WebSockets server. Now type chrome://inspect and gain access to the data. You have click on the inspect button to get access to the developer tools.

3. Android Studio


Android Studio is known as the official Integrated developer environment for Google's Android operating system. The Android Studio has been the fastest UX Softwares For Designing a Mobile App UI Design on any Android-driven device. It comes out with a lot of features like APK analyzer, fast emulator, visual layout editor, Intelligent code editor, flexible build system and real-time profiler. The project structure is impeccable to manage all the data in an organized way. Along with such features, it also provides an excellent user interface for the developer.

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4. Codota


Codota If you are that kind of developer who always has to do a lot of work, I have a solution for you. Codota provides you a fantastic way to write faster with fewer mistakes. Yes, it’s entirely correct, but the only problem is it integrates with the Java IDEs, and according to the codota official site, more languages are coming soon. I recommend you to try Codota ‘s algorithm once.

Whenever you require a suggestion, it provides a beneficial solution at the right time. You can also search for any java class with the help of Codota instant search. Codota team has honestly declared that they never let our code leak because they never upload our data to the cloud storage. This developer tool not only works for individuals, but it has also helped great teams to get excellent results.

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5. Genymotion


Genymotion is a perfect android emulator that is used for building and developing high-quality Android apps. The best thing about Genymotion is its flash speed that enables you to test the entire code quickly. As the Genymotion operates in X86 mode, its hassle-free to check the code with utmost ease. It also doesn’t crash as any other emulators present out there and it comes with multiple virtual machines for various Android versions. We can say that it can deal with the significant amount of Android devices.

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6. Source Tree


Source Tree is a great developer tool for the beginners. On the other hand, it has features that can be used by an advanced developer for the satisfaction. It not only helps you to write codes, but you can also visualize everything with the help of a single click. We can say that it gives us a complete GUI that works with git and mercurial. The surprising fact about Source Tree is it’s a free developer tool that works on windows as well as mac. Once you master the Source Tree free version, you can later upgrade to the beta version to get access to more outstanding features.

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AIDE Now become an expert app developer with the help of AIDE. It supports Javascript, HTML, and CSS. It provides a complete integrated program for your Android device. You can develop various apps for Android, Java, and PhoneGap apps. AIDE offers tutorials with step by step instructions that will help you to be an advanced level app developer. Once you learn from some tutorials, you can check errors for a lifetime, refactor and navigate your code easily. AIDE isn’t only about apps; you can also build great websites with it.

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8. LeakCanary

LeakCanary As for every developer, it becomes hard to point out the mistakes, Leakcanary provides an automated way to keep the leakage of codes in check. If it sees any memory leaks, it straightly notifies you about the problem. It has been designed keeping in mind to build most comfortable GUI for developers.

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9. Fabric


The Fabric is a beautiful app developer programs that have helped a lot of great teams. It is a stable and robust program that automates the app deployment process. It gives an insight of users activity to know where they most likely to engage so that we can shift our engagement level farther. Being a developer, it gives you an opportunity to drive app installs and earn money from the ads revenue. With such features, we can confidently say that this program is a complete solution to build, spread and monetize an app.

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10. Unreal Engine


Unreal Engine is a complete engine that enables you to build great games. The developer is written in C++ language that brings us an interface in which we can develop stealth games, fighting games, shooting games, etc. Some famous games like Alien Swarm, America’s Army, and Bioshock were written by Unreal Engine.

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It doesn’t matter on which app developer program you are going to practice, but practice is essential. A great app developer program is useless with less set of skills. If you want to build the heart-winning apps, you need to practice your coding daily to be an impeccable app developer.

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