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10 Myths About Instagram for Business

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10 Myths About Instagram for Business

Thinking that Instagram is only good for teens and their selfies? Then you must be believing in one of Instagram myths and missing on great opportunities for your business. There are many rumors out there suggesting that this platform is not suitable for business, but they don’t provide any solid evidence.
On the other hand, arguments for Instagram being a good business platform are overwhelming:

  • Over 2 million businesses use Instagram for business
  • Over 800 potential customers
  • 80 percent of users follow a business on Instagram
  • Instagram users are 70 percent more likely to make mobile purchases

Sounds like you should focus on what you should know to succeed as a business on Instagram rather than believing in unsupported facts, right?

Proessaywriting created an elegant infographic outlining ten most common myths about Instagram for a business that we will use to clear up the confusion. Every myth is described along with the explanation, and some useful tips for promoting your brand so you know what to do before setting up a business page.

10 Myths About Instagram For Business

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