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How Even Small Businesses Benefit from Influencer Marketing

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How Even Small Businesses Benefit from Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a trend that nearly every business with a marketing budget (so - every business that has a chance of succeeding) is either investing in or going to invest in influencer marketing. Not only are large businesses getting into it, but small businesses should look into influencer marketing as well. The power of an influencer is enormous and can bring substantial revenues to your business regardless of its size. This article will highlight just a few of the benefits that influencer marketing can bring to a small business.

1. Builds Trust


One of the most trustworthy forms of marketing is word of mouth. If an influencer that somebody trusts says something about a local business in their area, then that business builds trust in the mind of the customer. Trust is a small business’s most valuable currency - they are asking customers to trust that they deliver quality that is equal or superior to that of a name brand which can be difficult.

Influencers are critical to helping new brands establish trust in the minds of the consumer.

2. Better Spread


One of the most difficult aspects to setting up a new business is letting people know who you are and what you offer. Influencers can help educate your potential customers know what you offer. This provides better spread than most traditional marketing strategies which often limit your reach to a single geographic area. Influencers have wider audiences that can often span the nation or even the globe. If your small business ships all over the US you can reach locals you never expected.

Even if you are a solely local business, partnering with local influencers can still help spread your message further and faster than most other methods.

3. High Returns on Investment


Maximizing returns is especially important for a small business. You do not have much capital to work with at first so have to manage how you spend it very carefully. Influencer marketing can yield, on average, $6.85 for every dollar spent on it. While results for your business will vary, that kind of average return means it is worth making the leap. Very few campaigns have better returns on investment, so you are certain to get your money’s worth from an investment in influencer marketing.

4. More Engagement With Your Brand


Social media is where people are most active. A well-targeted influencer marketing campaign will improve engagement with your brand by others. This, in turn, leads to people becoming more familiar with your brand and more likely to purchase it. As stated previously, word of mouth is the best form of advertisement and influencer marketing is as close to the word of mouth as it gets. The improved engagement with your brand by prospective customers helps to maximize your returns.

5. Creates Partnerships

The great thing about influencer marketing is that when an influencer partners with a brand, it creates a symbiotic relationship. The brand and the influencer both elevate one another further and faster than either one can do alone. An influencer can elevate the brand as their channel grows, and as the brand grows they can bring awareness to the influencer’s channel. This partnership can form a long-lasting symbiosis that ties your business and the influencer together.

6. Many Upsides, Few Downsides


Ultimately, influencer marketing done right is a partnership with many upsides and a few downsides. High rates of return and the potential for growing awareness of your brand are just a couple of the benefits that influencer marketing can bring. Using influencer marketing platforms such as Neoreach is also of great benefit to help grow your brand and your image.

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