10 Useful Tips – If You Are Planning to Starting a Successful Mobile App Business
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10 Useful Tips – If You Are Planning to Starting a Successful Mobile App Business

Mobile app business is becoming more & more popular and If you want your own mobile app business startup, you must have good plan & right strategy.


Thinking of starting your own mobile app business? It’s time you get your feet wet as mobile app development industry holds tremendous potential to make you flourish in your startup. As a tech enthusiast or an entrepreneur you must know that the key to secure a place in the market is not building exceptional apps rather simple apps which are driven on powerful ideas. A good example can be WhatsApp and Instagram.

Where WhatsApp makes the users send messages across multiple platforms over data connection, Instagram allows you to display your photos with filters to let your images do all the talking. Smart, isn’t it? Now, as you plan to make the move, let us help you take the plunge. Here are few tips that you must consider so that you invest your time and money wisely and reap maximum benefits out of it-

Get On

Thinking…Is that what you are doing ONLY? Well, then you must get started. By that we mean, actually started! Of course, there is nothing wrong in finding something better always. But things will happen only if ideas take to action. Just get into the mode, open text editor and start writing your first line of code. Delaying things implies that you are not fully convinced with your own ideas and lack passion towards it. Don’t keep thinking about the revenue generation. A dynamic product surely strikes a chord with the users and potentially makes your fortune.

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Believe And Be Big

If you want to start something new, go for something you truly believe in.  Any new product initially may seem an impossible task to master, but as you embark on the journey and get on to the momentum, things get easy with your faith in the project. After all, it is not just an app but a business that you are building.

Research Well

Just like any other business, you must undergo thorough market research before taking up the mobile app startup. Things, like studying your competitors and forming the right business strategies, may require a lot of effort on the part of research but will be worth the work is done. Analyzing success stories to gather tips and follow the pattern is always helpful. Check for the apps that are already out there in the market.

Research to make sure that your app is tailored to the business verticals. A business will get proceeds only if it matches the needs and demands of the vertical. The more you are aware of the workings of the industry the better it will be in deciding a suitable business model for your app.

Know Your Users

An app that is not user-centric and does not cater to the needs of the users can never be a hit in the market. A dancing pop star or some singing teddy bear app is not of much use except for some percentage of the young population.  Besides the awful UI, these don’t come much into play for the problems majority of the people are facing. See to it that your app serves the needs of the users and solves their problems.

Talk to people who might be the future users of your app to get their viewpoint on the features and functionality. It is possible that you might not know anyone as a potential customer; in that case, an email or a simple tweet can do the needful. Remember- the friendlier, the better.

Design Spells Success

Designing is a vital part of app creation. Don’t be driven to add anything and everything to your design, simple apps are great in themselves, yes, sometimes less is more. Be particular about the graphics and ensure that they are pixel-perfect, even if the screen is small, its power is big. Pay special attention to icons as they are the first things that capture the attention of the users. The design should comply with the overall theme of the app and not miss the mark by any chance.

Considering your flaws as features is where you can mess up with the design. Adopt a professional outlook. After you have created the design, it is crucial to go for the testing process and that too on every screen size so that the appearance comes out the same everywhere. Indeed, you got to test the waters.

People Matter

Every app is established with the vision of being a super productive tool in the mass market. Let us admit, starting a mobile app business is a thing of courage as there will be lot criticism and product shunning. This is when you have to strive and keep going listening to the feedback that is valuable and ignore the ones that inflict negativity.

Also, as every product is the outcome of teamwork and collaboration effort, it is extremely important to find the right people to work with. You must analyze your strengths and weaknesses and entrust the roles accordingly. Go for a team that is clear with your objectives and shares your vision.

Match The Tools

Establishing a mobile app business can burn a hole in your pocket if you lack clarity on the tools that are required and the resources which will be needed during the entire product cycle. Let’s say, you are onto the development stage and you don’t know the very basics of coding. In such a case it is always better to learn Java or Objective C to communicate effectively with your development team. You must know about the mobile app development trends, jargon and understand the mobile design lingo to facilitate easy communication with the team.

Take note that a mobile app varies in interactivity as compared to other types of design so it is advisable to get familiar with the basics of interactive design. Also, while creating prototypes extend great care in selecting a suitable prototyping tool as it can save a lot of time and money by reducing the number of team meetings and unnecessary confusion on interactive elements. Mobile app testing, without argument, is a significant part of the journey and must be conducted efficiently. Knowing the working of different platforms such as iOS and Android is essential as testing is completely different in both of them.

Marketing Magic

Presentation always matters. The screenshots that you upload make a huge difference in forming an impression. Bear in mind that the first three screenshots highlight what is best that your app has. While you undertake the task of the product description, make sure it is not a dry prolonged description rather a compelling sales letter. Video has a lot of impacts too. Create a video for each app and use it to promote the app in the description itself. Try to get featured in the app store with unique services and pave your way to the top.

Embrace your competition and look for the apps that are ahead of you. Follow their keywords and descriptions at the same time have a unique touch. Incorporate analytics in your app to know the performance and the areas that need to be improved. Work on creating brand awareness in full swing through social media, blogs and even through the offline medium. Having SEO is always beneficial so integrate backlinks from quality sites to your app to improve the ranking as much as possible.

Further Scale

The best thing about technology is that it is hassle-free and can be used quickly and without causing much pain. When you are planning the basic structure of your app or even creating promotional messages, do think over the ways for scaling your business as you witness growth. For that matter, even by adding simple functions and services, you can raise the bar considerably.

The Business Game

Okay, so your fantastic app is on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. After that, how long does it take to become the next big thing? Actually, quiet a lot. The formula for a successful app is not just an excellent product and a launch. There is much more to it. You must remember that you are not only creating an app but also a business. And so, it is crucial to define the post-launch goals to not lose focus after getting rave reviews for your app.

It is important to work on marketing strategies so as to create a buzz amongst all the other apps and find a place of your own. Try to engage the users more with the app. You can even link your brands with some events so that maximum propaganda is generated. After all, one app wonder or a large scale mobile app studio…choice is yours!

Must go through Mobile App Development Infographics Process for your app business success-

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Ready To Run

Mobile app startups require clarity when it comes to business direction. Be fast and lean-to not waste any time, effort or money on things that are not working. Start with low key solutions and advance gradually. Remember that no business is perfect from day one and success comes with time. Always research your markets, get a good idea about your competitors and be familiar with the unpredictability of trade.  Agility undoubtedly helps so try to respond and change with situations.

A user-oriented app generally tends to prove productive and thereby excels in the market. The fate of the product is not just on it’s making but also marketing, so extra effort should be taken on creating buzz and raising awareness.  By branding your business effectively you can form maximum connectivity with the customers and be in their list of must-haves. I hope the above tips provided you great insights on what all is needed for a successful mobile app business to take off.

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