8 Tips To Remember In Mobile App Branding
Mobile app development / 21-March-2016 / minute read

8 Tips To Remember In Mobile App Branding

Right strategy for Mobile app branding is one of the key factor for startups because it will be your name and image in consumer's mind.


Apps are an extension of your brand. They represent what you hold as a company. But creating an app is not sufficient to thrive in the market space. You need to reach the audience through your app. And this is when branding comes into play. People are tech-savvy and most of the web crawlers are always checking their emails, viewing websites or hooked to the apps while on a train, car or at work or home.

So, give the customers what they are seeking by creating a strategic brand that is exemplary in information and functionality. The app is the face of the brand that comes into the personal space of users and is always with them through the mobile device. Gradually, it becomes a default option when in need. And so this way step by step the brand carves its own niche and builds value for itself.

It is this consistent app branding which results in a nurtured relationship between the customers and brand. There are a few things you must keep in mind while branding your app:-

1. User Is The Boss

Always remember design is not what you like. It should be liked by the onlooker or the user. Don’t hold the misconception that your choices or likes will obviously be accepted by the audience. It is always the matter of their opinion and their experience, so enhancing it is what it should be all concerned about.

2. The Visual Treat

Okay, let’s say your app qualifies for an awesome user experience. But that will happen only if they choose your app or start to read any of the content. For that, your app should be so visually appealing that they automatically fall prey to it. The first impression is always governed on design and this is where the decision is taken. Always remember- second chances are unlikely in the app world.

3. Full-On Research

It is important to do your homework while creating an app. That is UX research. You should go through the other apps belonging to the same category or genre and study them thoroughly. Take note of the positives and negatives and learn from them. Learn from the mistakes of others. This way you can give a clear idea to the designer and developer of the kind of app you want.

4. Sell The Brand

Include your brand wherever you can while building your app. Follow the brand guidelines, logos, colors, images and illustrations, typography along with the main message that you want to spread. Don’t try to put unnecessary add-ons in the set structure. Successful brands follow a consistent approach and are popular because of their user-friendly policies.

5. Less Is More

Although it is hard to believe, designing something simple is actually a difficult task. It is easy to create fancy products by adding colors in design here and there or an element here and there. Now, having too much or a complex design can actually confuse the user and defeat the purpose of the app. It can backfire the navigation and experience of the app. Remember, simplicity, easy usage and organization can make your app more engaging and user-oriented.

6. Sharing Is Caring

Make sure that after your user downloads the app, he can access the option to share it with other people. Create a button or menu for users to share the app with their friends, family and coworkers. Include many sharing platforms like email, social media, and texting. The app should spread like a fire and that only happen when a lot many people know about the app. App store downloads can merely do nothing. Word-of-mouth has its own power and definitely has an advantage of in-app branding.

7. Ultimate Value

Consumers want value for their apps. Apps are not just an extension of the company’s website. Simple information is not the sole criteria of creating an app. Build an app that has high functionality and leads to a result. For example, if you have a restaurant app, have facilities that book tables, provides menu or intimates weekly deals. Your app should be the only resort for your customer when he wants to make purchases or orders of any kind.

8. Master The Speed

As you occupy the app space, always test your competitor to see where they score high. Speed can be a major irritant for the users. Slow speed is a big turn-off and they generally uninstall the app. Test your speed before launching your app in the public. A few loyal customers can beta test the application for you. They must assess the functions and perform actions commonly. Learn from their feedback and make the necessary changes as and when required. Remove the so-called performance bugs so that you can release a perfect app to all your customers.

All In All

Mobile app branding is not a onetime game. It is a continuous process that requires dedicated efforts from your part to make the app a success with your competent branding strategies. User experience, being a major factor, decides the fate as consumers are bent towards the products that offer high quality user experience. Follow the above tips and be a frontrunner in the race of app branding.

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