25 Fonts That Make Your Designs Look Amazing
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25 Fonts That Make Your Designs Look Amazing

Choosing the right font style is important for a design because good fonts contributes a lot in making your design look more amazing & attractive.


Okay, let me begin by asking you a question. What makes a design good? The answers that are generally heard are simplicity, or maybe white space. Some even rule out the concept of ‘good’  in design altogether. But what if I say it is typography…yes, that’s right- Font. Fonts change the look of the sites and grip you with style and innovation. Premium and fancy fonts can have a great impact on the audience.

Still, it is also important to know that web fonts can even misguide your visualization on operating systems with subpixel rendering turned off. They can come out with different effects on different browsers. Making your font selection easy, here is a series of fonts, whose technical and visual attributes make them reader friendly and compatible with varied devices, browsers and operating systems. Read and get inspired with some beautiful and exquisite typography -

1. Adam

Adam Font Style

Being a contemporary, strong font, Adam scores high in readability and is best for website headings and navigation bars.

Download Adam Font


2. Nougatine

Nougatine Font Style

Nougatine is an innovative, classic font that puts together powerful capital letters along with fine cut-out shapes.

Download Nougatine Font


3. Code Pro

360Font Size Font Style

Code Pro is every designer’s favorite. It comes in various visual densities (thin or heavy) and lot of patterns. This brilliant font is perfect for any design, be it website of a startup or college brochures.

Download Code Pro Font


4. Montserrat

Montserret Font Style

This typeface is ultra modern and when used with extra thin fonts like Raleway, it gives an aesthetic appearance when laid over a high resolution background picture.

Download Montserrat Font


5. Domine

Domine Font Style

Looking for a retro font like Georgia or Garamond? Domine ends your search. It is solid black and bolder than the typical paragraph typeface, making it an ideal pick for shouty headlines.

Download Domine Font


6. Dosis

Dosis Font Style

Solid fonts are the major requirement for startups these days. Most tech fonts are too bold and loud for today’s projects. Dosis is class apart. With its supple, round corner, it is a great choice as against the traditional tech fonts. Also, it works well in non-tech projects.

Download Dosis Font


7. Odin Rounded

Odin-Rounded Font Style

This old styled font is inspired from Norse design and is an amazing option for tech-oriented projects.

Download Odin Rounded Font


8. Hagin

Hagin Font Style

Choose Hagin for your old label projects. It can bring forth bold headlines and its different serifs make it of a different league altogether.

Download Hagin Font


9. Roboto Slab

Roboto-Slab Font Style

Roboto Slab comes with multiple uses and is suitable for both headlines and paragraphs. Oh yes, it can even carry off-line publications well.

Download Roboto Slab Font


10. Lora

Lora Font Style

If you plan to create an edge for your startup, use Lora. It has a retro feel and is easy to read even in small sizes.

Download Lora Font


11. Calendas Plus

Calendas-Plus Font Style

Calendas pronounces old retro fonts like Garamond and Georgia but also has an innovation of its own.

Download Calendas Plus Font


12. Langdon

Langdon Font Style

Langdon is a user-friendly, highly readable font that is suitable for headlines and merges nicely with cursive fonts.

Download Langdon Font


13. Vincent

Vincent Font Style

With powerful characters and stylish shaping, Vincent is meant for the businesses that just talk on point yet with a personal touch.

Download Vincent Font


14. Rex

Rex Font Style

With right bents and three weights, Rex is an extraordinary typeface for logos and paragraph headings.

Download Rex Font


15. Infinity

Infinity Font Style

It is a delicate typeface with an easy and classy feel. You must know that such kinds of fonts are meant for startups in industries that depend on consumer interaction, example health and wellness companies.

Download  Infinity Font


16. Silverfake

Silver Fake Font Style

From our old yesteryears fonts, very few fall in the category of good. Silverfake although is an exception. With a rich, clear feel of the previous era, it blends nicely with contemporary, dense fonts like Adam

Download SilverFake Font


17. Raleway

Raleway Font Style

You know what every designer aspires; being able to create something sleek that can support the thinnest font possible. And the best we have in a thin category is Raleway. Raleway is one of the most preferred fonts that come in many sizes, varying from hairline thin to bold black, thereby making it the most suitable option for the company branding functions.

Download Raleway Font


18. Droid Serif

Droid Font Style

Droid is meant for block text. It is high in readability and combines soft and hard serifs to give a different look of its own.

Download Droid Font


19. Franchise

Franchise Font Style

Franchise is a user-friendly, sturdy display typeface that is visually appealing for the web, especially in infographics.

Download Franchise Font


20. Abel

Abel Font Style

Abel is the right amalgamation of a tech typeface and sophisticated display font. Although it only comes in one weight, still this font can be a great pick for headlines and paragraph text.

Download Abel Font


21. Lintel

Lintel Font Style

Lintel’s crisp, powerful elements make it ideal for advanced tech and fashion startups.

Download Lintel Font


22. Weston

Weston Font Style

The use of Weston brings the feel of a 1930s movie poster and somewhat looks like a Wild West ‘most wanted’ alert. Combine it with cursive typeface or a sleek contemporary font.

Download Weston Font


23. Aleo

Aleo Font Style

This is the most elegant fonts of all. It comes in six styles in italics form, so the designers don’t have to do much work in finding the suitable form for any project.

Download Aleo Font


24. Lato

Lato Font Style

Lato is for the high spirits of the startups as it delivers a friendly yet stylish look. It looks good with any serif font, say Aleo or Lora.

Download Lato Font


25. Farrerons Serif Light

Farrerons-Serif-Light Font Style

This is an interesting font. It is highly readable as well as reliable for block text. It gives a creative appeal to the headings. Do give it a shot in your future off-line print project.

Download Farrerons Serif Light Font

I hope the above typography treasure gives you golden designs. Have more design queries? Think 360 is always at your service. Visit our studio website contact section and get versatile designs for your projects.


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