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7 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Is Good for Your SEO

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7 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Is Good for Your SEO

Nowadays, everyone’s emerged into social media channels. This is only one reason why businessmen and marketers are starting to look at their fellow consumers for information regarding their purchasing choices.

Not so long ago, people were looking at businesses to help them make the right decisions. These days, people’s trust in companies has decreased. Therefore, they tend to make purchasing decisions based on their friend’s opinions. More than that, people are expecting YouTube/Instagram personalities to tell them what’s worth and what’s not.

These are the exact reasons why most people believe that influencer marketing is the next big era of advertising. Today, if you wish to create a stronger bond between the brand and the consumers, you can achieve that with the help of social media personalities.

Why? Because these so-called personalities are normal people that managed to become appreciated by the masses. People trust them, therefore companies must take advantage of this in order to grow and expand. All they have to do is fuse their brand with a certain social media personality, making him or her one of the many faces of the brand.

According to Jack Perkins, marketing expert at Essay Geeks , “Mixing your SEO skills with influencer marketing will definitely boost your company’s growth. So, make sure to study this technique diligently”.

Influencer marketing is definitely something new that not many marketers wish to touch. Not yet, anyway. But if you really wish to make a difference in the tomorrow’s marketplace, you should definitely learn how this advertising method works. Therefore, we are sharing 7 reasons why influencer marketing is a good addition to your SEO skills.

1. It's Incredibly Powerful


As you may already know, word of mouth recommendations and testimonials are extremely efficient. Brands and companies have the opportunity of enhancing their word-of-mouth advertising strategies through the help of social media personalities, which are already admired and followed by large groups of people.

2. It’s Social

As the world moves forward, your company should evolve as well. With all the crazy technology advancements, consumers have the opportunity to communicate quick and easy to a lot of other people in order to make right decisions regarding their purchases.

As a consumer, you can make a much better decision regarding one product because you can find out more about it through other people’s experiences. People look at social media personalities to tell them what to buy. So, the only thing left to do, as a company, is to transform those personalities in “banner holders” for your brand.

3. Everybody is Talking about It

Influencer marketing is a term that is becoming more and more popular as the days go by. A recent study shows that 84% of marketers are planning to create at least one influencer marketing campaign during the next year’s period.

4. It Boosts Your Brand Visibility


Most brands face difficult challenges when trying to make their voice heard. Nowadays, competition in the digital marketplace is extremely aggressive, therefore you need popular influencers in order to generate a buzz. The idea is simple, the more efficient you communicate with your target audience, the more traffic you will generate.

5. It’s Native Advertising


Instead of using intrusive ads that are annoying for people, use native advertising that blends perfectly with organic content. In this way, you will present your ad in a much more pleasant way and people will be much eager to buy your products/services.

6. It Grows Your Site Traffic


Influencer marketing is a great way of generating traffic to your site. This traffic may come from referral links that are given away by your social media personalities. Instead of investing high amounts of money in SEO specialist. You can use your own SEO skills while working with popular people from social media in order to make your brand grow and develop.

7. Influencers Provide Unique content

You should know by now that creating valuable content is definitely not an easy task. Let your influencers write their content about your brand because they know their audience. Remember that Google is ranking your site according to the quality of your content.


As you can see influencer marketing combined with excellent SEO skills can make wonders. It’s a new concept but it’s definitely worth learning. So, what are you waiting for? Join the new paradigm!

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