Benefits of Whiteboard Animation In The Workplace
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Benefits of Whiteboard Animation In The Workplace

With a world full of technology, many of us spend the entire day in front of a computer. We often become numb to the videos and words that dance across the screen for hours every day. It can be difficult to find interest when everything we see looks the s


With a world full of technology, many of us spend the entire day in front of a computer. We often become numb to the videos and words that dance across the screen for hours every day. It can be difficult to find interest when everything we see looks the same. Social media, especially, throws out posts that keep us overstimulated, as well. Technology is supposed to help us be more efficient and think faster, yet the opposite seems to be happening. By the time we get around to attending a business meeting in the afternoon, our brains and senses are already overloaded. Whiteboard animation bring a refreshing style to the business arena. It might just give you a chance to motivate your team, again.

Releases Stress

Life at the office can be incredibly stressful. Deadlines, projects, and co-workers can all contribute to this. When you add a business meeting or training class in to the schedule employees may be less than excited. It is still important, however, for the team to retain the information that is introduced in these platforms. The best way to do this is to get everyone to relax.

Your employees are sure to expect a giant packet with fill-in-the blank worksheets when you say the word training. This leads to a long and tedious day. Whiteboard animations can bring the course to life in a way that gets people to let their guard down. They are different from what we see everyday on the internet. People enjoy an animation more than they care to admit. Stress levels may immediately lower when your team realizes they are not in for another boring meeting.


A meeting does no good if everyone walks away with no memory of the information. Most people tune out during lectures or corporate videos. There are often many of these to be watched throughout your career. They tend to all look the same. Most people head into a business video session prepared pretend to pay attention.

They may even try to pay attention, yet they may have trouble focusing. The information in the video is often forgotten before employees ever leaves the room. Studies on recipients of whiteboard presentations have shown a significant increase in memory of the information portrayed. This is an extremely important development, as the information may be pertinent to job performance.

Increases Focus

Lecturing, power point, and text may lose the audience before the meeting even begins. When focus is broken, there is less understanding of the concepts in the material. Whiteboard animation grabs the attention of the viewer. Once they are engaged, it is much easier to introduce the necessary information. A good whiteboard artist can make realistic characters that employees can relate to.

These videos often hold the attention of watchers throughout the entire video. When traditional videos or power points are introduced, audience members may zone out halfway through. This can be dangerous if these presentations are on things like new safety procedures. It is necessary to get everyone engaged. In the past, this attention may have been demanded by announcing a quiz at the end of the training session. Whiteboard animation is a much less forceful approach. People actually want to pay attention.

Simplifies Complex Information

Even when professionals gather for a meeting, the information may be difficult to understand. Complex projects, procedures, or concepts may leave people confused when they are not introduced properly. An office meeting or conference may have people from many different departments in the audience.

The information needs to be broken down so that everyone can understand. When people feel lost while learning, they also tune out. They may think they can just ask someone to explain it later. You want every employee to leave the meeting feeling empowered. Whiteboard animation simplifies concepts for a better understanding. The simplified visuals break down information, allowing people to actually see how something works.

Gets People Laughing

Learning tools that offer humor are the best cure for an overly serious situation. It is important for employees to take their responsibilities seriously. In professional environment, however, this is not usually a problem. Dedicated business men and women show up ready to get the job done. They come in early and stay late.

When it is time for the big meeting, there is no harm in allowing some humor in. the characters in the animation may represent team members, managers, or clients. They may even be drawn to mimic the lecturer. A little laughter in the middle of a long training day can be a great relief. It also makes the team feel more united and may get them talking later.

Whiteboard animation is a key component in modern day presentations and advertising. The simplicity and personal touch make it optimal for a variety of events. The addition of humor can make the day more enjoyable while also engaging the audience better. Many of these videos often simplify concepts to make them more accessible by everyone in attendance.

Instead of heading into a day led by mundane texts or garden variety power points, whiteboard animation brings high-quality and entertaining educational materials. Your employees give their best every day. They deserve a more efficient way of learning. In case you have a marketing business or any other small business of your own but have not paid as much attention to whiteboard videos as you should, do find out more about it because it bring a refreshing style to the business arena and motivate your team.

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