How Great SEO, UI/UX, And Guest Posting Help Boost Your Website's Leads
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How Great SEO, UI/UX, And Guest Posting Help Boost Your Website's Leads

A good combination and implementation of search engine optimization (SEO), user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), and guest posting are essential factors to attain a more robust web presence. Regardless of the size and nature of your business, you


A good combination and implementation of search engine optimization (SEO), user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), and guest posting are essential factors to attain a more robust web presence. Regardless of the size and nature of your business, you need to build a great website that will attract more people or online users.

Gaining more quality leads is not as simple as creating a blog section or posting colorful images and inspiring videos. You have to learn the technical side of things. In this post, you'll get a more comprehensive understanding of how to boost your website's leads to constantly gain higher profits not only brought about by good luck.

Guest Posting Builds Brand Awareness to Improve Lead Generation

Guest posting refers to creating content for other websites that aims to increase brand exposure or brand awareness, improve SEO, increase traffic, and generate leads. You're not confined in your website alone because the online world provides unlimited marketing opportunities to all sizes and types of businesses.


Whether you're a startup or a seasoned business owner, guest posting can help you generate quality leads using the right strategies. It is important to determine content quality before you post to ensure that all your guest posting efforts will pay off, so you'll attract a new audience and improve your lead generation.

One of the most important metrics to any business is the lead generation rate. It is because the number of qualified leads would help identify the sales or profit your business will generate in a month or any given time or period. This is why nurturing your leads is important so you can pitch them into becoming customers or clients.

Here are the benefits of guest posting when it comes to generating quality leads:

  • Instead of sending emails to your target audience to avail of your products and services, or pay expensive ads or pay-per-click (PPC), it is best to give your target audience something interesting and valuable to compel them to do business with you. You can achieve this goal through guest posting.
  • Because people are online, they are either ready to shop or merely looking for information to help them decide what products or services to avail of. After all, that's what Google and other search engines are for: to answer queries quickly or be reliable sources of accurate and helpful information.
  • You can generate more leads with guest posting because writing guest posts for different businesses or websites will bring good partnership, not only to the website owners but also to their audience. It means that you can make their audience yours too by directing them to your site through your website link embedded on external sites.
  • You'll get more links by reaching out to quality leads through the business-to-business (B2B) model. Leads don't only refer to customers, but also to partnerships with other businesses. Long-term partnerships yield long-term benefits. Once you link your site to quality sites, you'll start getting awesome links and keywords that will help you increase your organic traffic.

SEO is a key element to the success of your business. If you're into eCommerce, SEO should be integrated across all your online content to ensure that you're not missing any opportunity to drive higher traffic, as well as better lead generation and conversion rates.

Great SEO tips

If you want to gauge the likelihood of success of your content marketing strategies and SEO campaign, you have to conduct A/B testing, which helps determine content quality. In that way, you'll be able to weigh if you need to change your SEO tactics, keep some, or improve others.

While there are many ways to distribute your search-engine-optimized content, it's not practical or cost-effective to try everything, most especially if you're just starting out or your business is fairly new. This is why A/B testing should be carried out.

Here are the good-to-know facts about A/B testing:

  • A/B testing is also called split testing. It is a widely used marketing experiment wherein the audience is split to test different campaigns, like SEO campaigns and social media campaigns. It is a statistical marketing analysis that determines which variation (A or B) is better for a specific conversion goal.
  • When A/B testing SEO campaigns, you don't have to create groups of users. Instead, you can create groups of pages, which is safer because you create one version of each web page that is shown to Googlebot and to your regular users.
  • The two key benefits of A/B testing include preventing disastrous decisions when it comes to rolling out your next SEO campaign. You don't have to blindly roll out your SEO campaign and assume that your content will be indexed. The second benefit is to justify your investment in areas that yield higher or more promising returns.
  • SEO A/B testing is different from regular A/B testing, which promotes conversion rate optimization (CRO). Because Googlebot doesn't like to see near-duplicates, it's not a good idea to create two versions of a web page to see which ranks better. Don't ignore this problem because the A/B test can be muddied by the web page's performance, age, and appearance in link-building structures.
  • When it comes to SEO A/B testing, you should identify the web pages that need improvement. Next, A/B test across the web pages selected and then randomly group them into variant and control groups. You can measure the changes and then consider the A/B test successful if the variant group outperforms the forecast.

Implement SEO A/B Testing Statistical Analysis to Measure Success

In order to check if your SEO campaign will provide you with higher traffic and leads, A/B testing requires an in-depth statistical analysis. By doing so, you'll see if your efforts have made any changes or created a significant magnitude.

SEO A/B testing should involve forecasting the performance of both the control and variant groups. An experiment is successful when the variant group outperforms or beats the forecast (a significant amount), and the control group matches the forecast.

Forecasting is crucial to avoid dealing with site-wide effects brought about by:

  • Updates in Google algorithm
  • Spikes or seasonality
  • Website unrelated changes

When conducting SEO A/B testing, the best measure of success is organic traffic, followed by improvement in your ranking on search results. While many website owners and marketers think that ranking is the best metric to measure SEO success, it should be combined with traffic data, most especially organic or unpaid traffic.

For one, it is hard to track long-tail keywords, and some changes can improve your click-through rate (CTR) without noticing an improvement in your ranking. Also, setting up a test to measure total conversion improvement between a set of web pages can be done but would likely converge too slowly on many sites.

Great UI and UX Design Boost Leads

You're probably wondering why you're not getting the expected number of traffic and leads despite having all the important details and digital marketing strategies already in place. Yes, you probably have a contact page or product information page, yet you're not generating leads. It's important to know the reasons why people would want to visit a website and eventually avail of products and services.

More often than not, the problem lies with your web design, specifically your UI and UX design. UX and UI are crucial aspects of lead-generation. A great UX and UI provide users a smooth navigation experience. They are both graphic design elements that provide a lot of benefits for your website, including generating quality leads.

User experience design (UED or UXD) is the process that enhances customer loyalty and satisfaction by improving the ease of use, usability, and pleasure a customer can obtain when interacting with the product. User Interface Design (UID) involves transference of a brand's visual assets and strengths to a product's interface, enhancing the user experience. It visually guides the user via interactive elements of a product across all platforms. UID includes coding and web developing.

You lay a solid foundation for your online or physical business by investing in a great UI and UX design. It is possible to attain a scalable and profitable company with great web design because people who are attracted to what and how your website looks and works will likely engage with you. It will help you attract the right customers, saving you time from chasing bad leads. Keep your calendar booked all year round by investing in great web design that promotes excellent user experience.

Here are some ways UI and UX can help boost your leads:

  • Promote Higher Brand Trust Rating: A responsive and interactive UI and UX design increase the trust and confidence consumers have for your brand.
  • Get Early User Feedback with UI Prototyping: Prototypes are representations of your web and product design, which are typically created with wireframes, mockups, and sketches. Creating prototypes allows you to obtain user feedback early so you can make your product or brand a better one that appeals to your target audience.
  • Engage Your Visitors: With animation, interactivity, and adaptation of your web design across all device screen sizes, your web visitors likely stay and engage with your website.

Build Customer Loyalty with Great SEO, UI and UX Design, and Guest Posting

If you want to gain quality leads, you should aim to establish customer loyalty. First and foremost, you should always put your target audience in mind at all times. When creating content, prioritize the needs of your customers without neglecting the technical side of things that involve SEO, UI, and UX. A good collaboration of these essential website elements is crucial in attaining a successful business.

Customer loyalty would equate to word-of-mouth or indirect marketing, which would give you both direct and indirect leads. With great SEO strategies in place, along with quality content, you'll gain the trust and confidence of your target audience, most especially if your site is highly visible online. It means that if your web pages are always on top of search engines, many people will trust your business, click your website, and do business with you.

However, your efforts should not stop there. You have to make sure that you have an intuitive, user-friendly, responsive, and appealing website, too. Check the layout, background, font, colors, navigation, and content, and hire someone who can do it if you don't have the right skills, training, or tools to do it. You'll find a lot of trusted, reliable, and experienced SEO experts, guest post companies, and UI/UX designers who can help you. Delegate the technical aspects of your website to the professionals so you can focus on enriching and enhancing your products and services.

Managing a business and a business website can be overwhelming because of the complexities involved. However, you don't have to be alone to shoulder all the tasks. By hiring the right people to do the job, you're not only doing yourself a favor but also giving your business a great opportunity to grow and become even more successful. Reap the promising benefits of higher leads and sales far better than you can imagine by implementing great SEO strategies, guest posting, and developing great UI and UX designs.


A successful web presence is not a short-term game plan. You have to implement online strategies that would be beneficial for the long-term. For instance, search engine optimization and content marketing come hand in hand to ensure high-quality content. Guest posting allows you to diversify your content distribution platform, build quality leads with authority sites, and even establish good relations with a wider scope of audience. A/B testing is needed to track the success of your SEO campaign and monitor how your content significantly affects your traffic and lead-generation rate. Keep all these in mind and let them work hand in hand in order to strengthen your website traffic, thus leading to a more successful and profitable business.

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