How To Make Money Online Via Amazon Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing Courses
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How To Make Money Online Via Amazon Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing Courses

Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping sites chosen by many across the globe. Also, affiliate marketing, which is the process of working as an affiliate to promote goods and services that are sent to you, particularly from Amazon.


Because of advancements in technology, there are now numerous avenues for anyone to earn an income online. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your home anymore, for you to make a stable income. Of the many opportunities that are available for you to make money online, one of these is through teaching or posting courses. Notably, if creating courses or teaching is your strength, then you should take advantage of these opportunities. One of the topics that are highly in demand today has to do with Amazon as an e-commerce affiliate marketing platform.

Without a doubt, Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping sites chosen by many across the globe. Also, affiliate marketing, which is the process of working as an affiliate to promote goods and services that are sent to you, particularly from Amazon. If you have any form of expertise in this field, you should take advantage of this opportunity by making money through the creation of Amazon E-commerce Affiliate courses. Read below to learn more:

1. Offer Courses That Are Based On Your Existing Business

When you decide to teach an Amazon e-commerce affiliate marketing course, the chances are that you also have an existing Amazon affiliate marketing business yourself. As you start to create your course, it’s a good idea for you, therefore, to use your current business as your starting point. Offering courses that are based on your existing business makes you a legitimate source for potential affiliate marketers. Plus, there are many benefits that you can gain from offering courses based on your business, like the following:

  • Your students will learn to trust your course since they can see that you have a practical application.
  • You can promote your business along the way, therefore, making even more income, not just from your course, but also through driving traffic to your existing business, too.

2. Work On Your Field Of Expertise

Digital marketing is a very broad field. When you narrow it down to Amazon marketing, e-commerce, and even affiliate marketing, each of these sub-fields can also be further narrowed down, through the specified techniques that can be done and achieved. Hence, for starters, it’s best for you to work on a field that you’re already an expert at. Create a course for this so that you can start earning an income.

As you work on the courses that you’re already an expert on, give yourself the time to learn about all the other aspects and techniques relating to Amazon and affiliate marketing as well. When you do so, you’re giving yourself a more extensive knowledge and you’re updating your skills in the process. In this manner, you’re becoming an even better online coach through your courses. Remember the basic rule: the more reputable you are, the more trust you can gain from your students and customers.

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3. Put Your Full Commitment And Hard Work

Yes, through creating an online course, you can earn a stable-enough income. In fact, for many, the earnings are so high that they can afford to leave their full-time day jobs. However, don’t think that it’s going to be as easy as posting a video regularly to talk about Amazon, dropshipping, online businesses, and affiliate marketing. No, you’ll need to put in a lot of commitment and dedication as well. Remember that there are thousands of existing courses on these topics, too. Perhaps some of them are already well-established than yours.

Therefore, to continue earning more income, you have to find a way to stay in the competition; through hard work, persistence, and determination. With the creation of courses, it’s important for you to keep studying and keep learning new things, as well. Really put in your A-game, so that each of your courses is loaded up with substance, and not merely content that was posted haphazardly.

4. Keep Your Curiosity Alive

Even if you may already be an expert on affiliate marketing, e-commerce, or Amazon, don’t think that there’s nothing more for you to learn about any of these concepts. Digital marketing is getting updated daily. You have to stay updated with the latest techniques as well. Without this, your course will cease to become effective.

As you go about the process of creating your course, one of the best tips for you to keep in mind is for you to keep your curiosity alive. Allow yourself to keep on learning, and don’t stop doing so. Choose a specific topic that you’re interested in, or that you feel you need updates on. With this, give yourself the time to read at least two credible books and resources on each of these topics. Study and keep learning. The more that you know, the more effective your course becomes.

5. Focus On Your Content

Apart from your content containing substance, there are also other factors in relation to your content that can help you become even more effective as a course creator. For starters, one of the best tips for you to remember is to apply all that you have learned about SEO and content marketing for your Amazon and affiliate marketing course. In addition to this, here are some helpful tips for you to remember, so your course becomes even more profitable: Give your readers, or students, a clear reason as to why they need to learn what it is you are offering in your course.

When you do this, you’re increasing the chances of your course to be bought. Keep repeating critical key points for your students to remember. Create your course to be an interactive one. Students or readers want practical tests, worksheets, and other avenues for you to give them a chance to practice what they have learned from your course. Employ numerous means of putting your lessons out by not limiting yourself only with the written form. Go for videos and images as well.

6. Re-Sell The Same Online Course Continually

When you sign up for websites and platforms for you to post your online courses, you’re most likely going to be given a timeframe for which these can stay available. For instance, your course might be available only for six months. Don’t just stop when the allocated time expires. Go back to these courses that you created and study them again. Look out for the following:

  • Is the content of these courses still relevant today? Or are there aspects that you may need to correct and improve?
  • Based on its standing, what can you do to make these courses more effective?
  • Are these techniques in digital marketing still applicable, or does it need revision?

If the course that’s soon about to expire is still relevant, re-sell the same online course over and over again. This way, you can continue making passive income for the course. If there are aspects of a course that you have to tweak or improve, then do it. After doing so, post the newly enhanced version of this course, and notify your previous students of this new version. With this strategy, you’re employing a continuous means for your courses to keep making money.

7. Try To Target Products That Are Selling Hot In The Market

It’s inevitable that you’ll mention different products - mostly products that are high demand and related to your niche - when you’re teaching. As you mention products on your courses, target those that are currently in demand or are selling like hot pancakes on the market today. When you do this, you’re allowing yourself to become even more trustworthy and relevant to those who are looking for online courses to purchase. Why? These students would want to learn about the practical application as well.

They’re most likely studying your course, because they, too, have plans to put up their own Amazon affiliate marketing business, but are just at a loss with where to start. When you delve into more current products, you’re giving these students answers to their most common questions. Making your course the most relatable one to understand as well. Plus, the biggest bonus is that you’re giving yourself a higher chance in terms of marketability since these learners will choose to subscribe and purchase your course.

8. Test Your Course

How do you know for sure that your course is effective? Test it out yourself. Before you put out your course to the general public, take the time to be a student for your course. Even more so, ask for family or relatives who can volunteer, and are willing to learn from your course. It’s very important for you to go through this step. This ensures that your course is going to be sold. Remember, apart from imparting skills and knowledge, you created the course for you to make money online.

As your course is being tested, be open-minded as well to take in the suggestions and comments from these practice students. Use these as a guiding point for you to make the necessary changes and corrections that your course may be lacking on, or that can effectively increase its chances of being bought. You have to be creating something that people will want to purchase and learn from.

9. Market Your Course

Because you have now decided for you to make money online through the creation of an online course, it’s also imperative for you to remember that you must exert effort as well to market your course. Especially if you’re a newbie in course creation, remember that there are thousands of other classes that are already available, most of which are just as excellent as yours. If you don’t make an effort to market your course, you are decreasing the chances of your course being chosen. That said, here are effective ways for you to market your course:

  • Send an invitation to learn about your course through a predetermined email list.
  • Build a website solely dedicated to the courses that you offer.
  • Keep in touch with your students, even after the course by asking for a follow-up on how useful the course has been for their affiliate marketing business.
  • Create a blog about your course.

10. Allow Easy Purchase Methods For Your Courses

You aren't just creating these courses for free. The bottom line is that you want to earn an income from these courses. When you have already gone through every step on this list, and all others that you may think of, to prepare your course to be as effective and marketable as possible. The last thing for you to accomplish is the selling process. No matter how excellent your course maybe, if you don’t have an easy and varied payment scheme offered to your learners, there’s a high possibility that they’re going to trade your course for another. With the ease of technology, the learners of today also look for comfort and easy payment methods. Thus, you must offer these as payment methods:

  • Credit or debit card payments
  • PayPal
  • Bank and money remittance payments


Online courses are top-rated because many people want to learn new things, yet they don’t have the time to attend physical training and seminars. These online courses are an excellent way for them to supplement what they already know from their day jobs. As a course maker, you’re selling what you already know about. Instead of spending idle time on the Internet, you can use it to earn an income, through your Amazon, e-commerce and affiliate marketing courses.

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