Top 10 Inspiration Websites for Web Design Beginners
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Top 10 Inspiration Websites for Web Design Beginners

When you finally master the selection of the platform and have the wireframes approved, all that is left to do is hammer out an inviting web design that visitors will love. There is much simplicity in these words and still, web design is nothing close to


When you finally master the selection of the platform and have the wireframes approved, all that is left to do is hammer out an inviting web design that visitors will love. There is much simpler in these words and still, web design is nothing close to simple. Getting to this part means that you need to grasp all the inspiration and creativity you need to design a visually-engaging website.

‘Having inspirational designs handy has proven to be not just an asset for my web design, but an actual savior in times when I struggled with creative blocks. All I have to do is sit down and look at beautiful designs and creativity comes on its own. – says Teresa Yang, one of the most reputable dissertation writers.

Writing excellent content and finding high-quality multimedia to use on the website simply doesn’t suffice, not with the competition you have on the Web. To get the audience to visit and like your website, visual appeal is equally important to everything else we just mentioned.

The scope of your web design project will narrow down the tools and resources you’ll use in the process. As a result, it is often challenging to find the inspiration you need to get the task right. By having reliable places to look for inspiration, you can get the encouragement you need to get started.

With that in mind, we present you with 10 excellent websites that can ignite your creative fires.

1. UI UX Awards

UI UX Awards

The UIUXawards recognize and appreciate the skills and dedication of outstanding UI/UX designers, developers, and agencies worldwide.

This website features not only the website but also mobile apps too. 

They believe that the purpose of design is to enhance people's lives. Designers should have a deep understanding of people's requirements and emotions to create meaningful solutions. They should view problems within a broader context and establish appropriate objectives to address genuine needs. It is crucial for them to consider the potential indirect impacts and wider implications of their proposed solutions.

This community serves as a platform for digital professionals worldwide to find inspiration, acquire knowledge and expertise, connect with others, and engage in constructive and respectful critiques.

Web Design and Web Development Books

The first book - "Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery Set" is a comprehensive book that offers a holistic approach to web design and development. Authored by Jon Duckett, this set of two books provides a thorough understanding of essential technologies and techniques used in modern web design.

The second book, "$1,000,000 Web Designer Guide: A Practical Guide for Wealth and Freedom as an Online Freelanceris a resourceful guide by Rob Anthony O'Rourke that offers insights and strategies for web designers aiming to achieve financial success and independence through freelancing. Authored by an experienced web designer and entrepreneur, this book provides practical advice and actionable steps to help freelancers thrive in the digital marketplace.

2. Best Website Gallery


The Best Website Gallery is run by one person only – David Hellman. This was his side project when the website was first created back in 2008, but it soon became the premium inspiration for web designers around the world.

In addition to serving others in their need to find some inspiration, this gallery has the goal of inspiring its author, too. This is an excellent idea you could also consider for your own web design challenges. Whenever you lack some inspiration, looking at your previous innovative and clever designs can truly help.

BWG works by using a tagging system that lets you find the sites you need based on functionality, design approach, and style. With the myriad of websites that goes over 2000 in number, your choice is quite extensive.
This website offers a high-quality, expansive, and curated gallery you can use to get motivated and informed on the latest trends in web design.

3. CSS Nectar


CSSnectar has triple-vetted inspirational websites to show. If you want to submit a specific site for review, you need to pay a fee. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that those who choose to use this site are confident in their work.

Before any of the submissions on the website goes live, a team of experienced creatives reviews and accepts it. It is only then that the community is allowed to additionally vote and grade the design creativity and code used on each website.

Visitors can look around the site by using filters and tags, which include country, feature, category, and color tags.
The best sites on CSS Nectar get a spot on the winner page and a digital ribbon. This makes this source a sure way to reach high-quality web design ideas, as well as compete and demonstrate your unique creative skills.

4. Abduzeedo


Whenever you need some inspiration, there is always something new to find on Abduzeedo. This site isn’t limited to web design only, making it a much bigger source of inspiration. If you are tired of looking at websites for some inspirational push, get innovative and seek ideas in, let’s say – a print ad!

Since the website isn’t aimed only toward digital design, they seem to highlight everything from architecture to photography. Such a variety of quality ideas can stimulate a new perspective, which is often the one thing you need to get your groove back on.

Abduzeedo has a variety of formats and media they work in. Their daily showcases are combined with a presentation of wallpapers, IRL events, and long-form stories.

5. Behance – Discover


Have you heard of Behance? Given that this website is made by the Adobe companies, it is one of the largest online communities. This makes it the spot where all kinds of creative people meet, which means that you can literally find all you’ve been looking for in one single place.

This is a highly popular website, but for a web designer, the place to look at is the Discover page. On this page, you will find an enormous amount of inspiration that comes from web designs made by the diverse community.

To make the process easier, you can toggle the search settings in a way that you will specify the popularity, timeframes, and location. Use the filters such as ‘’most appreciated’’ to see what creativity is best perceived by others. This will surely help you determine your next strategy.

6. SiteInspire


siteInspire is run by Howells Studio, or by the expert Daniel Howells to be more specific. It is the source of inspirational sites you can filter thanks to their effective tagging system. By using one or multiple tags at once, use this opportunity to refine the search for beautiful web inspiration. You never know – it might be the right combination that is just what you needed to get inspired.

Many times, you need some inspiration for your web design. But, siteInspire does not only limit you to this. Their subject tags and versatility of information will help you search for anything you want. This is a highly popular site among people of all industries and businesses.

7. Product Pages


Many of the sites in this list or online will provide you with the chance to look into what you exactly looking for. But sometimes, what you need is more of an accidental discovery of your inspiration. This is what you can get with product pages.

Their design is feed-focused, allowing you to view in the format of a grid or a list. Moreover, this website has a search tool that still allows you to find something specific. Basically, if the traditional approach of looking at similar web design ideas doesn’t work, you might want to test the accidental feed on ProductPages.

Forget about the razzle-dazzle of other inspirational sites. Product Pages are the perfect spot for those who need something different and need to find a new perspective. The sites found on this website offer a lot of solutions for your issues about writing headlines, building navigational systems, presenting screenshots of your products, etc.

8. Awwwards


The respected awarding system of Awwwards collects high-quality submissions from talents and experts in the web design and art industry. If you want to push the borders between a plain site and a greatly-designed site, this is an excellent source of unique inspiration.

Awwwards works by evaluating submissions and judging their quality. Their jury includes Timothy Noah, the Webflow wiz, as well as some other qualified judges that are more than capable of noticing real talent.

When it comes to excellent web design ideas, Awwwards is the gold standard, listed right beside Webbys. This is a result of their expert, hand-picked jury that weighs in on each submission and evaluates it on the basis of strict criteria. Such criteria include usability, design, content, and creativity. When each of these dimensions gets a score, a total score is calculated, making for a detailed scoring system.

But, it doesn’t stop here. In addition to their scoring system and the displaying of all scores across every dimension, there are also scores of community members. If you find this website to be interesting, which you will surely do, you are free to join them.

Finally, the tags on Awwwards are used to provide information on the platforms and frameworks used for each website, as well as industry details and dominant colors.

9. Brutalist Websites


Brutalist Website represents brutalism, but in our opinion, this is more of a breath of fresh air from the domination of sites that do everything to earn more money and attract more users. This isn’t a website where you will find refined interactions or harmonious grids. Instead of this, you will find grids that are broken 16 ways to Sunday, bizarre effects with the cursor that make a mess instead of navigating the website, and massive headlines that look terrible and feature the ‘unsafe’ fonts to use on the Web.

Using scroll effects that simply assault your senses as a web designer will influence you a lot but in the opposite way of any other website on this list. By looking at what creativity is without any borders, you can explore new and unique ways to create your web design.

Surely, we are not suggesting that you need to practice brutalism to attract an audience, but there are two ways to look at this source – the source of inspiration or a sign that a site can still be compelling even if it doesn’t fit all the rules and frameworks.

Opposed to anything else you have seen, BrutalistWebsites opens a space for designers who want to be rebellious and do things they want, even if they shouldn’t. Many times, their actions even border on the offensive.
It is simply where you go to be surprised and get a wacky inspiration. If your design is the same as everyone else’s, then what’s the point? Look at the examples here and get your own brutal idea.

10. French Design Index


Yes, the website is French. No, you don’t have to know the language to get inspired by it. This website is plain in design and yet it features an excellent award structure. If you take a look at it, you will find it quite similar to Awwwards. The big difference here is that everyone, including the designers and the jury, is French.

The good news is that, even though there are some popular websites listed here that are in French, most of them are in English. It is still refreshing to see how a different language can impact the website design, especially in such a beautiful language like French.

Same as Awwwards, the French Design Index is crowdsourced and based on the evaluations of the jury. This demands and promises quality. The homogenous approach has been a reason for some complaints, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you are looking for inspiration. Basically, you can look at this as expanding your ‘design language’ by getting out of your comfort design.


All of us can experience creativity blocks. It happens to even the best web designers out there. Having this very handy list of sources where you can seek the inspiration you need can come very handy in such times. All the websites listed here give you access to some of the most stunning and successful web designs on the Web, each better than the next one. If this doesn’t turn out to be inspiring, what else will?

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