What Client Should Discuss With Graphic/Web Designer Before Starting The Project?
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What Client Should Discuss With Graphic/Web Designer Before Starting The Project?

If you are a client and searching for what to discuss with your designer before starting the project. This article will definitely help you.


Finally, You found the best agency for your project!

Yes, of course, you should find the best one and this is the first and most important step of your project because their identity will be yours.

Your design is what you want to present to the world whether it is the logo, website, vector/icon, posters, and business card. it should be like that it will speak itself, it will explain itself and a catchy design will not only attract the customers/clients but also helps in improving SEO practices if follow with proper layout.

Now its time to take your project to the next level, Here you need to interact with your designer for telling him about your brand, mission, and audience. Because the only  Designer is the person who searches and does work out of the box for improving the quality of your design.

Here I will discuss some points which can help the designer to add more quality to your branding design. No matter whether you have a small business or a big brand will be a great help.

1. Brief Your Design and Purpose of the Project

A designer has various ideas but they need brief and clear ideas from the clients so that they can give reality to your ideas. Every designer has a starting point from a blank canvas, but if you fail to explain to them about your ideas so you will not get an effective result that exactly you want.

  • You must clear about your ideas, business’s goal, mission & audience. Give your designer clear details about the design in which way you want.
  • Design should be like that it will explain everything. The more precise detail you give, the more precise results in the design you get.
  • Which type of message, emotions, and concept you want to give your customers through your design you must clear these things with your designer.

Also, set a schedule with revision, milestones, and deadlines. This will help you to stay on track and from getting stuck. So make sure these dates should be in the contract.

2. Initial Brainstorming

Planning & Brainstorming is key to success, Initial Brainstorming is Necessary because you are a brand and this will help your designer to portray your ideas on the canvas. Because Fascination is the part of the design and what makes your design Tempting.

You can share your ideas in a well-managed Powerpoint Presentation.

If your design contains text and images, you just need to explain the content position where you want exactly.

Be smart, Be Wise and make an impression on your designer.

3. Work Process

Once brief delivered to your designer then he will start work on the rough design, mock-ups or drafts on the information/Idea who have provided. A designer will sen you that sample design in full color.

Now it's your turn to say what you think about that sample design. If you liked it then it's great.

But if you want to tweak the design or want to make changes, it is the best time to help your designer by telling him directly. You need to provide constant feedback to your designer so that he makes sure,  Is he on the right way or not? And you are satisfied with the designs.

If you are not able to tell your designer what actually you want.

Also, don't forget to ask your designer for final designs before it goes off to the printer/web designer. This can avoid costly mistakes.

4. Tell Your ‘Don’t Want’

It is very obvious that you know what you want in your design. But in the same way, do you know what you don’t want in your design? It is also very important to know what you don’t want in your design such as typical color, a specific image, particular trend. It will help your designer a lot to create an effective design for you. You can also share some example of designs which you do not want in your design.

5. Get Technical

Its a little bit tough section of the design. Everybody doesn’t know about the particular specifications which make your design more attractive, but your designer knows. And if you want those specifications then you must ask for it. Don’t worry about it. I will tell you some specifications which you can ask your designer such as:-

  1. Resolution/pixels,
  2. What type of font they use,
  3. Format type and
  4. Size of the design.

One thing also you must clear to your designer, which type of people will view your site and will that design is for the online website, brochure design or for print purpose.

Your designer is here to help and understand your goal. He provides you with effective suggestions and useful input into your project.

Good communication is the only key to an excellent result. so have patience and be polite with your designer as much comfort he will feel that much quality you will find in your design.


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