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Where To Buy Vector Icons To Use In Mobile Apps And Web Apps

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Where To Buy Vector Icons To Use In Mobile Apps And Web Apps

With the recent advancement in technology and change in lifestyle as well as user needs, more and more people are finding themselves using mobile devices and tablets for internet services. These devices offer more convenience and the ability to perform several tasks at once. This also means the User Interface (UI) has had to evolve constantly to offer the most convenience to its users.

UI designers are faced with the difficult task of creating interfaces and systems that can accommodate different screen sizes without compromising on the application’s functionality. Mobile devices use graphical icons to make the User Interface more appealing. There is a dire need for designers to create or buy and use quality vector icons to make their websites and mobile apps have that professional look.

The Following Is a List Where You Can Buy Vector Icons:

1. Icontail


Icontail is a website that has a huge collection of well designed professional vectors. The site is a great source to buy vector icons. It has more than 2000 vectors to choose from. These vectors are further spread out over 50 categories including Emoticons, Business, People and others. It also has the biggest iOS and Android icon packs. If you are looking to developer license and purchase icons, Icontail is the site for you.

Icontail is a designer’s best friend, whether you’re looking for icons for web or mobile app, you will find them all in the site. The licensing is simple with a onetime payment for both commercial and personal use. You are free to use the icons for whichever purpose after payment.

2. Iconsolid


This site is ideal for your projects. It offers icons in other file formats too like EPS, PNG, and PSD. It has 1075 high-quality icons which are found in different categories like Multimedia, Business, Arrow, Place and Interface. The licensing is straightforward to allow developers and designers to select the right licensing that suits their project needs. The Standard License allows one to use the icons for both personal and commercial websites. A Developer License allows one to use the icons in software applications that may be resold.

3. iStock


It’s part of Getty Images which is a renowned stock image website. istock has a massive collection of stock vector icons to pick from – over 717,000 icons. It has powerful search engines that allow you to find your searches quickly. istock offers an EPS file and a high-res JPEG as its stock icon downloads. it has a simple licensing procedure with a Standard License for personal use and an Extended License for commercial purposes.

4. Thinkstock


It’s a Stock Agency website. It sells high-quality vectors from sites like iStock and Getty images. A quick search on Thinkstock will reveal it has over 253,000 high-quality stock icons to choose from. Its pricing system is also one of a kind with high res, low res, and vector images all sold at the same price. All their stock icons are offered with a Standard Royalty-Free License which permits users to use the icons for personal and commercial use.

5. Shutterstock


It’s one of the pioneers in the stock image and vector industry. It has one of the largest stock images libraries worldwide. It has a huge collection of more than 1,847,600 stock icons to pick from in several categories. Shutterstock has a simple licensing procedure with a Standard License being offered for use on websites and mobile apps as long as an image does not appear more than 250,000 times in total. An Enhanced License allows one to have unlimited use of the icons.

All the vector icons offered by these websites are professionally designed. It is essential as a graphic or UI designer to get high-quality icons to use in your projects as they give your interface that professional look. This can significantly improve the experience of your users and the success of your applications.

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