Want To Get Better At UX and UI? Here Are Five Useful Steps To Follow
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Want To Get Better At UX and UI? Here Are Five Useful Steps To Follow

Do you have troubles to understand what the terms “UX” and “UI” stand for? If yes, then you’re not the only one. These two aspects of web design confuse many. But both these terms related to each other and they are also essential to a website's success.


Do you have troubles to understand what the terms “UI” and “UX” stand for? If yes, then you’re not the only one. These two aspects of web design confuse many. But both these terms related to each other. And they are also essential to a website's success. Individually, both UX and UI add to the overall web design. Simply put, UX means user experience and UI means user interface.

Both UX and UI have their aspects and separate deliverables. Both work the same realm and projects but have their skills at multiple stages. There are times when both UI and UX get some by the same professional. While other times every piece are done by separate people in one team. There are many aspects of website design that include the following:

  • Information architect
  • UX
  • UI
  • Graphic designers
  • Product designers
  • Interaction designers

And the list is endless. Web design is a vast field, which comprises of several aspects, essential to add to its look and appeal. A website also needs to take into consideration the average marketing budget and many other elements.

Many people are aspiring to be ace website designers. For this, it is essential to be able to create a website that provides a comfortable and favorable UX and has a navigable UI.

How To Enhance Your Know-How In UX and UI?

It is essential for website designers to be able to excel in both UI and UX. And this doesn't happen at one go. It is necessary to have a clear understanding of both the aspects and create the website accordingly.

Discussed below are steps using which you can improve your know-how and knowledge of UX and UI. And when an enhanced understanding gets applied to website design, you can derive the best result.

1. Get Familiarized With All The Principles Related To UI

Even before you start to practice design, it is essential that you understand the design principles. By doing this, you will be able to make your mark in the web design world better. It will also enable you to think creatively.

Furthermore, you will even get to learn and get better as the psychological aspects of web designing. It will help you know what can work in and against your favor. Explained below are a couple of essential principles that you need to know.

  • The Color Scheme

Here you need to be aware of the psychology and the fundamentals of colors along with the color vocabulary as well.

  • The Aspect of Balance

It is all about asymmetry and symmetry.

  • The Element of Contrast

You need to know how to use a variation. It is essential to develop a hierarchy, create focus and get the information organized.

  • Consistency

It is the most important principle that helps designers to generate usable and intuitive designs.

  • Typography

It will teach you to choose fonts and also generate readable texts on the website.

2. It’s Important To Learn The Process of Creative UX

Understanding the creative process of UX is essential. The subject of UX/UI design is a method that comprises selected phases that most creative person has to through. It gets further categorized into four more stages that are:

  • Discover

It is the first phase of the project. The website designers start to research in this phase. They get inspired by multiple ideas and begin collecting the same.

  • Define

In the definition phase, the designers start to define a concept. This concept or idea comes from the previous Discovery stage. And the define stage is the proper start of a creative brief.

  • Develop

During this phase, the designers create concepts and solutions. It also gets tested, prototyped as well as iterated. This trial and error method allow the web designers to enhance and fine-tune their ideas.

  • Delivery

It is the final stage where the main website design project gets produced, finalized as well as launched.

3. You Must Develop An Insight For Website Design

Understanding the design principle is right. But at times there's more that is required. As an ace website designer, it is essential to train your eye to chance upon excellent website design. You also need to see website designs that don't do well. It will enable you to look at the strengths and the weakness of the website design.

One of the best ways to develop this "eye" for creative website design is an inspiration. And here research is an important aspect.

Our mind can create ideas on its own. So, it's essential that you look into other designs. And then you start to create your own. If you incorporate this process from the beginner stage, the practice will help you create an excellent UI that generates a favorable UX.

4. Go Through Web Designing Articles On a Regular Basis

The more familiar we are with a subject, the better we feel. Hence, it is essential to read through web designing articles on a regular basis. So, get into the habit of reading web design blogs and news on a daily basis.

Several web design articles are available online and in online archives. Go through the tutorials, user cases as well as new trends. Also, keep learning from experiences shared by other website designers.

5. Keep Learning About The Recent And Updated Website Design Tools

There are several website design tools available. Don’t fret! You certainly don’t need to know all of it. If you make yourself familiar with the best ones, you can select your favorite tools and keep on referring to the others for your design purpose from time to time. Listed below are few of the best website design tools to study and use.

  • Sketch, for creating an interface design
  • Invision App, for collaboration and prototyping
  • Figma, for having a collaborative interface design
  • Marvel App, for generating mock-ups and making it interactive
  • Adobe XD to help in prototyping and design
  • Balsamiq that helps in low fidelity wire-framing

When people visit your website, they will remember how quickly they could navigate through it seamlessly. And this is what helps to create a positive UX. It is not possible for you to know everything about UI and UX at the start.

However, when you keep to these necessary steps, you will be able to generate a fantastic UI and UX that your online viewers will appreciate.

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