Stakeholder Workshops

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Think 360 conducts stakeholder workshops (interviews) at the beginning of every project planning & strategy to understand the business context of the project, identify each stakeholder's positioning and understanding of the problem being solved, and uncover potential stumbling blocks or organizational obstacles that may impact project success.

We hold an organized brainstorming session. We’re there to understand and clarify goals, leveraging our own experience to make the best, most informed recommendations possible.

We present options and solutions that our clients may not have known existed. As part of this process, we clearly define the mission of the project—the objectives, the user personas, the market... Thorough documentation and testing at this stage in the work flow ensure that all is duly thought out, avoiding reduplication of tasks down the line. Time and money: saved.

Following eight major steps in the process we follow in Stakeholder Analysis?

  1. Planning the process
  2. Selecting and defining a policy
  3. Identifying key stakeholders
  4. Adapting the tools
  5. Collecting and recording the information
  6. Filling in the stakeholder table
  7. Analyzing the stakeholder table
  8. Using the information
The policy process-

policy process