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Affinity Diagram / Affinity Map

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Affinity Diagram / Affinity Map

What is Affinity Diagram / Affinity Map?


A group decision-making technique designed to organize a large number of ideas, concepts, and ideas into naturally related groups. Affinity Diagram is used to document work or material relationships, which is created from card sort activities or group brainstorming.

One of the classic tools in the UX designer’s toolbox is an affinity map (also called an affinity diagram). Affinity diagramming is a core UX skill. It helps UX professionals to sort ideas into logical groups by placing Post-its on a board. Affinity diagramming is a great way to sort through dense research data and get to the root of the findings. Affinity Diagram is an exercise used to organize a large number of data and ideas, sorting them into groups based on their meaningful categories and natural relationships.

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