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Pattern Recognition

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Pattern Recognition

What is Pattern Recognition?


Pattern recognition is the automatic recognition of patterns and regularities in data. It has applications in statistical data analysis, image analysis, information retrieval, signal processing, bioinformatics, computer graphics, data compression, and machine learning.

The process of identifying meaningful patterns, designs, or objects within a visual field. Pattern recognition has its origins in statistics and engineering; Due to the increasing availability of big data and a new abundance of processing power, some modern methods of pattern recognition involve the use of machine learning.

Pattern recognition systems are typically trained from labeled "training" data. When no labeled data is available, other algorithms can be used to find previously unknown patterns. Much of the focus of KDD (knowledge discovery in databases), and data mining is on non-supervised methods and a strong affinity for commercial use. Pattern recognition focuses more on the signal and also takes into account the acquisition and signal processing.

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