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What is Microinteractions?


Micro-interactions are events that have one main function and are found throughout your device and within apps. Microinteractions are commonly used to encourage user engagement, error prevention, communicate the brand, display system status, and delight users.

Microinteractions convey system status, support error prevention, and communicate the brand. They are initiated by a trigger, are single-purpose, and can make the user experience more engaging.

Microinteractions involve a substantial number of digital elements, but not every element is part of the micro-interaction. Static elements that are always on the screen do not have subtle interactions because they do not have a separate trigger. Furthermore, the flows formed by multiple actions are not subtle interactions. There are micro interaction pairs in which (1) the trigger and (2) Feedback.

User-initiated triggers can include GUI commands or can be gesture or voice-based, while system-initiated triggers involve the fulfillment of a set of predetermined conditions. When a micro-interaction is triggered by a GUI command, a visual feedback element will typically be placed in close proximity to that trigger.

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