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What is Oculometer?


Oculomete is an electronic apparatus that allows researchers to see what moves a subject's eyes and what motion occurs between fixations.

An oculometer is a device that tracks eye movements. The oculometer calculates eye movement by tracking corneal reflectance relative to the center of the pupil. An oculometer, which can provide continuous measurements in real-time, can be a research tool for understanding gaze as well as cognitive function.

In addition, it can be applied for hands-free control and has applications in flight training, disease diagnosis, cognitive assessment, and treatment. The oculometer relies on the principle that when a beam of light hits the eye, the direction in which the eye moves is proportional to the position of that beam of light from the cornea with respect to the center of the pupil. Eye movements can be measured accurately over a linear range of more than 20 with a resolution.

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