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Human Factors Psychology

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Human Factors Psychology

What is Human Factors Psychology?


The study of the biases and constraints in human cognition, perceptual, and motor systems in the context of interface development. I.e. the search for ways to develop safe and efficient technology and other artifacts such that they provide the best fit for human interaction.

Human factors psychology is a multidisciplinary academic specialization that focuses on a number of unique topics of interest in psychology and engineering. It’s a study of how people interact with machines and technology. They often focus on performance and security and use psychological science to guide the design of the products, systems, and equipment we use every day.

For example, ergonomics, human errors, worksite safety, product engineering, and human-computer interaction. It is used in so many disciplines that its usefulness cannot be restricted to psychology alone, but employs aspects of engineering.

Related to the well-known health science of ergonomics, Human factors psychology aims to design and improve things by applying knowledge of human behavior and thought processes.

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