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What is Learnability?


Learnability is a usability metric that measures how easy it is to begin productively using an application or interface. If any training is required then how much? Learnability is the quality of products and interfaces that enables users to quickly become familiar with them and make good use of all their features and capabilities.

Learning ability is a component of usability and is often heard in the context of user interface or user experience (UX) design, as well as usability and user acceptance testing. Learnability considers how easy it is for users to complete a task when they first encounter the interface and how many repetitions it takes for them to become proficient at that task.

Learning ability is one of the 5 quality components of usability (the other four are: proficiency, memorization, errors, and satisfaction).

Learnability is especially valuable for complex applications and systems that users frequently access, although knowing how quickly users can get used to your interface.

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