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Hamburger Button

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Hamburger Button

What is Hamburger Button?


The hamburger buttons are usually placed in the top corner of the user interface. When pressed, the button displays a previously hidden menu (also known as the "hamburger menu"). It can "drop down" from the location of the menu button, appear as a modal, or slide from the top, side, or bottom of the screen.

Named for its visual appearance as a hamburger (food item); a hamburger button is a type of button common on websites and applications, especially in mobile environments. It is an icon consisting of three parallel horizontal lines, often rounded at the ends.

The three-lined icons have menu options that help make the website layout neat and easy to navigate, while automatically taking up less page space. Also known as a side menu, a navigation drawer, or a hamburger, hiding your features off-screen behind a nondescript icon in the corner is usually a poor mobile design choice.

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