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Late Adopters

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Late Adopters

What is Late Adopters?


People who are slow to adopt new technologies. They are generally more challenging to design because they distract more from poor interface usability.

Late Adopters are someone who starts using a new product, especially a new piece of technology, later than many other people: For a long time I didn't have a smartphone, being a late adopter.

Like the early majority(The early majority are interested in technology but want proof of its effectiveness.), the late majority want a data-driven reason to adopt the technology. This adoption segment requires research and solid evidence to convince people that the technology is worth their time.

The majority of late do not like to take risks, and they question the need for change. They are not easily persuaded by trends, instead preferring to see how changes occur before engaging in them. These are the people who snooze on software updates for as long as possible, waiting to hear how their peers react to the update.

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