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Negative Space

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Negative Space

What is Negative Space?


Negative space or white space is often called the area of ​​the layout that is left blank. This can happen not only around the items you place in the layout but also between and inside them. Negative space defines not only the boundaries of objects but also creates the necessary bonds between them according to Gestalt principles and creates effective visual displays.

There are positive and negative space terms in the context of composition in art, graphic design, and photography. Positive space is the subject or area of ​​interest in the artwork, and negative space is the space around the focal point.

Negative space is not necessarily white or empty space, but space that serves to support the subject of the painting. A negative space includes the background while a positive space includes elements in the foreground. A balance of positive and negative space is essential when creating works of art, logo design, web design, and typography.

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