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Heat Map

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Heat Map

What is Heat Map?


A heat map is a graphical representation of the areas of your product that attract the most user attention. They use a warm-to-cool color spectrum to show you where your users are going. For example, the red areas in the heat map below are the areas that users interact with the most on the website.

A heatmap (or heat map) is a graphical representation of data where values ​​are represented by color. They are essential in finding out whether or not what works on a website or product page.

By experimenting with positioning certain buttons and elements on your website, heatmaps allow you to evaluate your product's performance and increase user engagement and retention as you prioritize actions that promote customer value.

Heatmaps make complex data easy to view and understand at a glance. For a website, heat maps are a graphical representation of the areas of a product that get the most attention from users. Heat maps are typically represented by warm & cool color spectrums to show how users navigate and interact with the site.

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