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User Flow

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User Flow

What is User Flow?


User flow is the path taken by prototypical developers to complete a task on a website or app. User flow leads them from their entry point to a successful outcome and final action, such as purchasing a product.

A user flow is a chart or diagram that shows the route a user takes in an application to complete a task. User flow is a great way to segment and define your user experience. They allow you to track which screens users typically view when interacting with a product and how they interact with those screens. User flows are similar to traditional flow charts but involve a visual interface or gestures. The flow maps the user's entry point, exit point, and every step they take along the way.

User flows help designers understand and anticipate the cognitive patterns of our users to create products that enable this flow state. User flows focus on a specific user action, and include all possible alternative paths. Designing the best way to accomplish a task without errors or exceptions allows the designer to focus on the user's needs.

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