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Hierarchical Structures (In Information Architecture)

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Hierarchical Structures (In Information Architecture)

What is Hierarchical Structures (In Information Architecture)?


Hierarchies or Hierarchical Structures in graphic design are a great way to show how the elements of your piece interact together. It’s a set of different levels of groups and subgroups to classify items and is often used to organize content on a Web site.

Hierarchy in graphic design uses several key principles, including size, color, contrast, brightness, alignment, and repetition, to emphasize certain features of the design. It controls for those factors to show importance within the design as a whole. Hierarchical Structures in the digital world are a set of different levels.

Hierarchical Structures provide a road map for the user to navigate throughout your design. In the era where focus and patience are limited, hierarchy can be the secret weapon that ensures your users get what they need, and also encourages them to explore further. Hierarchical Structures are crucial to the success of a user interface.

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