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What is Ethnography?


Ethnography is a branch of anthropology and is about going into peoples' natural environments and observing their behavior. Ethnographic research is about understanding people, their environments, and the impact those environments have on their behavior. Ethnographers primarily use qualitative methods and can employ quantitative data.

Ethnography is also a type of social research that involves examining the behavior of participants in a social situation and understanding group members' own interpretation of such behavior.

As a form of inquiry, ethnography relies heavily on the observation of participants in UX designing- at least in some marginal role; by extension, social interaction, with the people participating in the setting or being studied. Participants seek to document patterns and attitudes and understand these within their local contexts.

In the context of the UX design and interface, ethnography is referred to as digital anthropology, field research, or contextual inquiry. Ethnographic UX research reveals user insights by allowing you to view users in their real-life, technological and social environments.

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