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Moderated Usability Testing

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Moderated Usability Testing

What is Moderated Usability Testing?


A usability test in which a moderator (real user) provides instructions and information about tasks to be performed. Moderate usability testing is a usability testing technique that requires the active participation of moderators. The moderator observes and participates as needed throughout the test.

Usability testing majorly falls into two categories: moderated and unmoderated usability testing. Moderate usability testing is a usability testing technique that involves the active participation of a trained facilitator or moderator. These are classically conducted in a UX lab or in a corporate setting - but modern test tools now allow for remote medium usability testing as well.

Moderated usability testing is conducted either in person or remotely. If done remotely, participants will need to share the screen with the moderator so that the test can be done in real-time. Participants are often asked to think aloud in order to complete the tasks; It helps moderators follow their train of thinking as to how they get from touchpoint A to B.

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