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Operationalized Variable

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Operationalized Variable

What is Operationalized Variable?


Operationalized Variable is a metric that defines the observation and measurement of data that is replicable in research. You could make it measurable and more concrete so that it can be used for comparison between data or samples.

The definition of 'operational variables 'or' operationalizing' refers to how you would define and measure a specific variable, as used in your study. This enables another psychologist to replicate your research and is essential to establish credibility and achieve consistency in results.

In a research design, you can operate control variables by defining them and measuring their value.

For example, in survey research, if you're studying people's sleep habits, you might term ‘sleep’ (number of hours of sleep each night) as Operationalized Variable and ‘bedtime’ as someone's bedtime each night.

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