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Law of Prägnanz

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Law of Prägnanz

What is Law of Prägnanz?


The law of prägnanz is also known as the law of simplicity or the law of good figures. This rule assumes that when you are presented with a set of ambiguous or complex objects, your brain will make them as simple as possible.

Pragnz's law states, When people are presented with complex shapes or a set of obscure elements, their brains choose to interpret them in the easiest way possible. The human eye likes to find simplicity and order in complex shapes because it prevents us from being overwhelmed by information.

Research confirms that people are more capable of seeing and remembering simple shapes than complex ones. Given that our brains do not want to be overloaded with information, it is essential to reflect this quality in the design. Creating a product with simplicity in mind will provide your users with a seamless and fundamentally satisfying experience.

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