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What is Prototype?


At its simplest level, a prototype is an initial model of an object that you build to test a design. Prototypes are drafts of your final version of a product, focusing on functionality and giving your stakeholders a clear picture of your final product.

A prototype is an initial model of our product used for testing. You will often be building various Fidelity prototypes during the product development process.

During the initial stages, you can create (low-fidelity) paper prototypes with pencil and paper to validate concepts or fluency. Later, with the flow and concepts validated, you can proceed to design software like Sketch to build a high-fidelity prototype. Instead of looking like a doodle, the prototype will look like an app on your mobile device and can be used to fine-tune the details on your UI.

A prototype can also mean a specific instance of something as in the etymological 'prototypical' usage. It is a useful term for identifying design elements, user behaviors, and other concepts that are considered accepted norms.

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