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Design Deliverables

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Design Deliverables

What is Design Deliverables?


Design deliverables are tangible "things" or artifacts that a UX designer produces throughout the design process. UX deliverables include things like personalities, user journey maps, wireframes, and prototypes.

When we start a business or project, we essentially promised to deliver the product to the customer at the end of the process. The final product is called delivery. Design deliverables mean all documents, work products, and other materials that the supplier delivers to the end user.

Deliverables can be divided into two categories: internal and external.

Internal deliverables are not directly related to the customer, but still, help keep the business running. Some great examples of internal deliverables would be doing taxes, filing company documents, and keeping track of accounts.

External deliverables are any work that needs to be done to meet a customer's needs. These are usually what people think of when they hear the word deliverable and always include a completed project. Examples of external deliverables are prototyping apps, the outline of a logo for a new brand, or blueprints for a new office space.

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