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Voice User Interface

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Voice User Interface

What is Voice User Interface?


Voice User Interface or VUI allows the user to interact with the system through voice or speech commands. Virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa are examples of VUI. The primary advantage of VUI is that it allows for a hands-free, eye-free way in which users can interact with the product while focusing their attention elsewhere.

Voice User Interface (VUI) makes it possible for users to interact with a device or app through voice commands. With the increasing use of digital devices, screen fatigue has become a widely experienced problem. And this has given even more advantages to the development and use of voice user interfaces. Hands-free, VUI gives full control of the device and apps without looking at the screen.

According to one survey, around 71% of users prefer to perform voice searches rather than type in queries, and the use of voice-controlled smart speakers is on the rise as well. More than half of smart speaker owners in the US are using their devices on a daily basis.

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