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Practicality Test

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Practicality Test

What is Practicality Test?


A practicality Test is a user-centered design technique where you evaluate a product or app or website by testing it on a group of people who have no prior knowledge of it. It is a test of the feasibility of the workflow given the nature of the users and their environment.

The practicality test is concerned with whether usability aspects can actually be achieved, not with thinking or theory that they will. The more practical you can make your ideas, the less likely you are to create an interior that doesn't work for the space or purpose that you need it.

Practicality assessment means that the test is easy to design, easy to administer, and easy to score. The goal is to measure the ease of your design, user flow, intuitiveness, and content with users that represent your target market. The page layout should be easy to follow and understand.

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