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Peak-End Rule

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Peak-End Rule

What is Peak-End Rule?


The peak-end rule states, "People evaluate an experience largely by how they feel at its peak and at the end of it, rather than the sum total or average of each moment of the experience."

The most positive or negative moments (‘peak’) and final moments (‘end’) of an experience weigh heavily in our mental calculus.

The peak-end theory is a psychological rule in which an experience is evaluated and remembered based on the peak (most intense) point of the experience and/or the end of the experience. It seems that our recollection of events is greatly influenced by this interpretation of the events experienced rather than the experience as a whole.

Identify the moments when your product is most helpful, valuable, or enjoyable and is designed to delight the end user. Pay close attention to the deepest points and last moments ("ends") of the user journey.

Remember that people remember negative experiences more clearly than positive ones.

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