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UI Kit

What is UI Kit?


A UI kit (user interface kit), is a collection of assets containing design elements such as UI components and styles. UI components are elements that provide functionality to users. For example - input forms, widgets, and navigation menus.

UIKit is a framework that enables you to build user interfaces (UIs) that can handle touch events and input while managing the interaction between the user, the system, and your app. UIKit is part of CocoaTouch, which was released as part of the iOS SDK in 2008, and was available with the first public release of iOS, then known as iPhoneOS.

The UI Kit was developed in the Objective-C language; You have the option of defining your entire UI in code or in Interface Builder. Objective-C is a language built on top of the C language, which brings Smalltalk-like object-oriented programming to the C language.

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