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High Fidelity Prototype

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High Fidelity Prototype

What is High Fidelity Prototype?


Prototype fidelity refers to the level of detail and functionality built into a prototype. A high fidelity prototype is polished and identical to the final design.

A high-fidelity (or Hi-Fi or Hi-Fi) prototype is a UI interactive representation of the product in closest resemblance to the final design in terms of details and functionality. The term 'high' refers to the level of generality that allows you to examine usability questions in detail and draw conclusions about user behavior.

Hi-Fi prototyping covers not only the user interface of a product in terms of visuals and aesthetics, but also the user experience aspects in terms of interaction, user flow and behavior. The main purpose of interactive prototyping is their use in usability testing of the product to validate it by the target users.

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