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Journey Maps

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Journey Maps

What is Journey Maps?


Journey maps are often presented as a timeline to display interaction points covering the beginning, middle, and end of an experience. The term 'User Journey Map' and 'Customer Journey Map' can be used interchangeably. Both refer to the visualization of a person using your product or service.

The customer journey may seem simple - you offer a product and they buy it. But then look more closely you get to know that the customer journey is increasingly complex. A customer journey map is a visualization and observation of the process when a user goes through to achieve a goal. In its most basic form, travel mapping begins by compiling a series of user actions into a timeline. Next, a timeline is drawn with the user's thoughts and feelings to create a narrative.

Most journey maps follow a similar format: at the top, a specific user, a specific scenario, and in the middle, higher-level stages are related expectations or goals that contain user actions, thoughts, and feelings; At the bottom, the key points: Opportunity, Insight and Inner Ownership.

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