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Error Detection

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Error Detection

What is Error Detection?


Error Detection is the point at which an error is detected during user input. Error detections could be field-level errors (after each field is entered) or form-level (after the entire page/form has been completed).

Errors are a common occurrence in usability tests and result in problems with the interface and incomplete human actions, but there is no such thing as human error. If an error is made by the users then it is a fault in the design.

If errors can be detected, the problems they cause can be avoided. Early detection of errors helps the user to get completely lost in the application. Errors in usability testing are helpful to identify the causes and findings. All errors are not easy to detect but it is important that a designer should be able to identify errors that users could possibly make. There are generally four types of errors in UX design systems: Slips, Mistakes, UI Problems, and scenario Errors.

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