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Concept Sketch

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Concept Sketch

What is Concept Sketch?


An outline diagram to indicate ideas about how to solve a specific design problem. This does not include the level of detail that goes into the final product. Concept sketches are used in the beginning of the design process to explore different ideas and narrow them down to an effective design.

Concept sketches/drawings are often freehand drawings, that are used by designers (such as architects, engineers, and interior designers) as a quick and simple way of discovering initial ideas for a design. Concept drawings can also be used to explore more technical aspects of the design, which can be used for early feedback and problems, constraints, and opportunities such as the layout of services, structure, method of construction, solar paths, shading, prevailing wind, and circulation can be done for. Provides possible solutions to the pattern. , relationships between aspects of the site, etc.

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