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Hypertext Structures (In Information Architecture)

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Hypertext Structures (In Information Architecture)

What is Hypertext Structures (In Information Architecture)?


Hypertext Architecture is defined as the set of hypertext linkages present in a web subsite. These are cross-linked structures within a website or mobile application. Hypertext structures are commonly used to enhance navigation within hierarchical silos when the silos are not discrete.

A hypertext structure is a tree structure consisting of nodes. Each node has a title and technically refers to an object that is stored and accessed as an independent entity. The existence of the object does not depend on the hypertext structure.

A hypertext structure can contain objects of different document classes, for example,

Structure Chapter

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CATT process details

A node can connect to another structure. When you are editing a structure, the structures involved appear as just nodes without subnodes and the structure is only displayed in display mode with all its nodes. Since documents are not usually displayed with the Structure Maintenance Transaction SDOCU, no authorization checks take place in this transaction. Creating, displaying, and editing hypertext structures requires normal transactions.

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