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Landing Page

What is Landing Page?


A standalone web page on which a person "lands" after clicking on any digital location or a website page the user visits is considered a landing page. Landing pages are often linked to ads and search results and are designed to meet specific conversion goals. They are not only the pages the user visits, but they are also an important part of marketing campaigns.

A landing page is a web page on which a user lands after clicking a button from the previous webpage. The term landing page refers to web pages that are designed to convert users. Landing pages can be linked to marketing campaigns or provide comprehensive information about a subject matter – making them invaluable to a company's conversion goals.

In online marketing, a landing page is sometimes referred to as a 'lead capture page', 'single property page', 'static page', 'squeeze page', or 'destination page'. It is a single web page that appears in response to a click on a search engine optimized search result, marketing promotion, marketing email, or an online advertisement.

The landing page will typically display a directed sales copy that is a logical extension of an ad, search result, or link that is used for lead generation. It is the actions a visitor takes on the landing page that determines an advertiser's conversion rate. A landing page can be part of a microsite or page within an organization's main website.

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